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ⵣабЪу/Золотой УбЪлюдок
Username ⵣабЪу/Золотой УбЪлюдок
Berber/Golden Bastard
Citizenship Status Foreigner
Join Date 17 April, 2021
Joined from Arab Leftists discord server
Leave Date 29 May, 2021

ⵣабЪу/Золотой УбЪлюдок was an Algerian member of Archnox during April and May of 2021. In Archnox, he was most active in the answers channel and often participated in philosophical discussions. He was troubled and sometimes talked about the ills of his health and his country. He left Discord in late May with the words "i never felt like a stranger among you, goodbye."

When he left, he was seen as a strong candidate for citizenship.