21st Congress of Antifa

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The 21st Congress of Antifa was an Archno political meeting held on 4 June 2020 among members of the Politburo of the ruling Antifa Party. The meeting was, despite its name, the first meeting of the Politburo. The meeting resulted in the impeachment of Josh D. Uluvar and his demotion from the position of General Secretary of Antifa.

Context[edit | edit source]

In June 2020, in the backdrop of the George Floyd protests, most actives in Archnox were outspoken supporters of the violent rioters. Josh D. Uluvar, however, as a Twitter Conservative, was an ardent defender of the police and, most importantly, a vocal(albeit largely unheard) opponent of Antifa. As the Pashalik had just recently collapsed and Archnox left in stateless limbo, Vacatio, in all his infinite wisdom, decided to appoint Uluvar as the new General Secretary of Antifa.

As General Secretary, Uluvar is generally considered to have been brash and reckless. His first act as General Secretary was the foundation of the Crow Army, a paramilitary organization through which he would enforce his vision of Antifa party Doctrine. Most of Archnox ignored his declarations(as he did not actually have any administrative powers), but eventually, members of the Antifa Party, such as S_kuzi, Basileus, and Thij, formed a Politburo to oppose Uluvar.

The Congress[edit | edit source]

The Congress was a brief session consisting of some discussion and a single proposal by S_kuzi. The proposal was a motion for impeachment. After the proposal demonstrated support by the Politburo, Vacatio created a referendum to approve the motion. The motion was approved by a wide margin, and the short-lived Andropovate was established.

Text of the Resolution[edit | edit source]

The following is the verbatim text of the Congress' resolution:

Citing the incompetence and utter inability to rule, with examples being the gamer army, Chinese racial conversion and also the sinister plot against Dolokhia that the current general secretary has shown, I, S_Kuzi, Antifa politburo member, puts forth the following motion:

1) Umpeaching General Secretary Uluvar Cape from all his offices in the Antifa Party of Archnox
2) holding a conference to decide the future government
3) executing the current General Secretary Uluvar Cape