Andy the Shizno

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Andy the Shizno
Username andytherapist
Loyalties Damian's RP
Andy's RP
Loli rape clique
Known for Succeeding Damian as leader of the Damian'r RP Community
Being Admin in Damian's RP
Notable role played in the Right Lad Movement
being a RP god

AndytheShizno (2017-2020) was an influential in Damians rp and RP God that would later go on to create his own rp server,claiming it as a succesor to Damian's server.

Arrest and Disappearance[edit | edit source]

Andy was arrested for the crime of handling a salmon suspiciously and has been kidnapped by redneck militias, as such eh does not have time to be a RP god. He passes his time RPing with Madeline McCann