Anti-English Campaign

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the Anti English Campaign (Belorussian: Антианглийская Кампанія, Antianhlijskaja Kampanija; 1337 5p34k: 4n71 3ng115h c4mp41gn) was an attempt by the Second Basileus Regency to eradicate the use of the English language in Archnox. The campaign marked the downfall of the regency as, shortly after the law was implemented, Vicslava intervened in Archnox affairs to remove Basileus from power in favor of Hemuraile.

Social Effects[edit | edit source]

The campaign resulted with the development of several ways to communicate. S kuzi used Japanese Hiragana alphabet and memes to communicate while Datvi used the ancient Göktürk alphabet and planned to use Kurmanci Kurdish. In place of the traditional English, Latin alphabet, a new script was created wherein numbers and punctuations were used instead of letters.