Antifa Party

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Antifa Party
General Secretary Josh D. Uluvar
Andropov DH2014 (10 June)
Founder Vacatio Libertas
Founded 1 June, 2020
Dissolved 10 June, 2020
Armed wing Crow Army
Ideology Anti-Fascism
Political position Far-Left
Colors   Red

The Antifa Party was a short lived Archno political party formed in the Post Empire period that briefly ruled Archnox as a one party state. The party was nominally founded by Josh D. Uluvar but practically founded by Vacatio Libertas. As Uluvar was an outspoken enemy of the real life Antifa movement at the time, Vacatio found the idea of anointing him General Secretary of a new, Antifa themed government.

As General Secretary of Antifa, Josh D. Uluvar established the Crow Army, a paramilitary organization through which he enforced political and philosophical reforms in Archnox and the Party.

However, due to Uluvar's erratic behavior and perceived anti-Chinese sentiment, S_kuzi, a politburo member, arranged the 21st Congress of Antifa to impeach Uluvar. Thus, after only three days in office, Uluvar was stripped of all political powers. Subsequent Politburo meetings would see the creation of the Andropovate. This Antifa-led reform effort would come to a head in the referendum which would see the new government win popular approval by a massive margin.

The following election would see DH2014 elected to the newly created position of Andropov. The party would cease to meaningfully exist immediately upon DH2014's resignation on 10 June, 2020.