April 2021 Archnox general election

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April 2021 Archnox general election
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Nominee S_kuzi Goose
Party Anti-Gooseist Faction Goose Party
Electoral vote 141 69
Percentage 63.8% 31.2%

     S_kuzi      Goose      Canine0003      Thij

Farer before election

Position established

Elected Farer

Anti-Gooseist Faction

The April 2021 Archnox general election was the 1st quadriweekly election in the Farerrich government. The election was called by the sitting Farer, Basileus, in order to form a government in the aftermath of the collapse of the Shahdom. Basileus himself did not run, instead opting to resign and become the Deemer upon the conclusion of the election.

The election campaign was characterized by conflict between Goose and the so-called Archnox establishment over the matter of "Goose rights". The upcoming government was anticipated to be defined by conflict between Goose and anti-Gooseist elements.

During the first phase of the election, Carl achieved victory in Mercia on an Anti-Gooseist, regionalist platform. Redwolf169 won in Northumbria on an Anti-Gooseist platform. Eddie169, then thought to be Thij, tied in Wessex; but he later won via a declaration by Deemer Basileus. Canine0003 initially lost in Kent due to insufficient support, but she went on to win the runoff election due to a lack of opposition. Goose won the election in Essex by a wide margin. With only 10 votes cast, the election had a record low turnout. D

In the second phase of the election, S_kuzi managed to rally a majority of Witanmoot to support his election as Farer, winning 141 votes to Goose's 69. While ⵣабЪу had announced his intent to run for Farer, he did not win any votes due to a lack of activity and a lack of campaigning.

The government formed by the election was ridden by scandal and generally seen as corrupt. Eddie169 was expelled from government after being revealed as one of Basi's alt accounts, and Goose resigned from government after he suddenly left Archnox on 16 May.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

The election is considered the height of Gooseist power in Archnox, and it has achieved a longstanding role in Archnox culture. It was the last Archnox event to feature Gooseism as a major point of contention.

In the 4 July 2021 edition of The Archnox Irregular, S_kuzi wrote an apocalyptic alternate history about what would happen if Goose won the election.