Archmont Unity Party

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Archmont Unity Party
Abbreviation AUP
Leader Thij
Founder Thij
Founded 15 July 2019
Ideology Anti-Cancer
Political position Right Wing
Colors Blue  

The Archmont Unity Party, also commonly known as the Archnox Unity Party, was the first Archno political party. It was founded in July of 2019 by the then-Ayatollah of Archnox Thij to participate in elections under the Republic. Ugur Sahinler cited it as an inspiration when he founded his Legalist Party in December 2020. While symbolically important given the prominence of political parties later in Archnox history, it was, in its time, irrelevant since Thij never took any initiatives to expand the party beyond himself.

Archmont Unity Party promoted a Law of Return whereby members of Archnox's predecessors, including Xenox and Archmont, would be granted automatic citizenship upon joining. Its main priority was increasing activity. In the party's registration, Thij stated that the party wished to "keep Cancer at a minimum" as Archnox expanded, and this conflict, between expansion and cultural preservation, would become an important theme as Archnox developed. However, at the time, this exception was regarded negatively as Thij, in this time, could have only possibly been referring to Ugur Sahinler.

The party nominally yielded two successful campaigns in the August 2019 Archnox general election and the December 2019 Archnox general election, though, of course, the party was primarily a legal construct with little influence on the character of these elections.

Election Leaders Votes Position Government
No. % ±
August 2019 Thij ~9 80%+ Increase80%+ Increase 1st The Republic
December 2019 6 85.7% Increase5.7% Steady 1st The Republic