Archnox Autists' Party

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Archnox Autists' Party
Abbreviation AAP
Leader Canine0003 (de facto)
Founder Canine0003
Founded 25 December, 2020
Ideology Autism
Political position Left
Colors Green
Slogan abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
1 / 5

The Archnox Autists' Party is a minor, left wing Archno special interests political party that is primarily active during governments that hold elections. The party is Archnox's oldest active political party.

The party was first founded by Canine0003 during the Westminster Government. Canine, an autist herself, believed that Autists were underrepresented in the Archnox government. She led the Autist Party to its first electoral victory in the December 2020 elections when she pulled off a surprising victory against Thij and the Legalist Party in the Novorossiya runoff election. This surprising victory ruined Legalist hopes of a majority in the Afrikaans and forced them to form a coalition government with Redwolf169.

The Autist Party was voted out of government in the next election when Canine lost Novorossiya to S_kuzi of the Legalist Party and then lost a runoff election in Oklahoma to Carl of the newly formed Aztlan Party.

After fading into inactivity following the February Crisis, the Autist Party made a resurgence as a vocal opponent of The Shahdom. During the resolution to the February Crisis in March, the party proposed a plan of government that would have made Canine0003 the head of government and set up a sort of dictatorship of the autistic. While these plans did provoke enough interest to delay the formation of the Shahdom, they did not ultimately succeed.

The Autists Party experienced another resurgence under the Farerrich. With the return of elections, the Autist Party won its first seat in government since December of 2020. Canine was the only person other than Goose to vote Goose for Farer in the second round of the April elections, awarding him 9 of Kent's 19 votes. However, in protest of the Anglish Codes, Canine0003 refused to participate in government in any further capacity.

While she rejected a merger with the Populist Party, Canine0003 voted in favor of Vacatio in the May elections and continued to support the Populist government after Basi's Richstrike.

Election Leaders Votes Seats Position Government
No. % ± No. ±
December 2020 Canine0003 9 22.5 Increase22.5
1 / 4
Increase1 Increase 3rd Westminster Government
January 2021 7 14.0 Decrease8.5
0 / 4
Decrease1 Decrease 5th Westminster Government
April 2021 7 26.9 Increase12.9
1 / 5
Increase1 Increase 1st
Tied with the AP
May 2021 2 8.3 Decrease18.6
1 / 5
Steady Decrease 2nd Farerrich