Archnox Chamber Hall

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Archnox Chamber Hall, currently known as The New Thijtag and previously known as the The Thijet and The Thijtag, is the historical meeting room of governments of Archnox. It was destroyed in the-thijtag fire during Basi's Richstrike.

Founding : #suggestion-box[edit | edit source]

The channel was founded by Vacatio on June 8th 2019 as the #suggestion-box. Originally, it was meant only to serve a minor role in the affairs of the governance of Archnox and was only intended to create a formal space for recommending new emojis, channels, QOTD questions, and other such minor matters. to the Archnox Senate. Over time, the scope of the channel came to encompass discussion of server politics outside of the Senate.

Proposals for the Abolition of the Republic[edit | edit source]

On January 1st, on account of a conspiracy by Vacatio and Thij to abolish the, by that point, decadent Senate, there was a poll held to determine the future trajectory of the government of Archnox. In private conversations, Vacatio and Thij had discussed a stateless form of government based entirely on referendum which be proposed and voted on in the #suggestion-box channel by any Archnox citizen or trusted foreigner. Due to the failure of the referendum, these plans, never fell through.

Founding of the Empire | #redwolfs-chamber[edit | edit source]

After a declaration on February 29th 2020, Redwolf169 was officially crowned as the Emperor of Archnox. Due to this dramatic shift in government and due to the fact that Red's proclamations were traditionally made from #suggestion-box anyway, the center of government, appropriately moved from #administration to #suggestion-box which was, at that time, renamed #redwolfs-chamber.

Founding of the Pashalik | #chamber-of-the-pashalik[edit | edit source]

The Pashalik was the longest serving Government that met in the Chamber Hall and used it to great effect. Under the Pashalik, the Chamber Hall served as the Primary legislative and governmental hub of Archnox as the #chamber-of-the-pashalik. Every piece of legislation passed during the Pashlik was proposed and voted on in the Chamber and, in contrast to #administration, those outside of government had unprecedented power to interact with the affairs of government directly(however, these rights would eventually be rolled back due to political agitation by Goose)

Decline[edit | edit source]

After the Pashalik was deposed, the Chamber declined as successive governments failed to establish themselves. Under General Secretary UluvarCape, the Chamber became his personal office from which he issued commands to The Crow Army.Upon taking power, Regent Marshal Shah Datvi changed the Chamber's name to the-chamber-of-ayans. This decision was probably influenced by his Ottoman aristocrat roots. However, the Chamber failed to reach its former glory. Under the short-lived All-Archnox Congress, the Chamber became the Congress meeting place. When Regent Marshal Hemuraile took power, the Chamber was largely left to decay.

Restoration : #the-thijet[edit | edit source]

The channel was probably renamed to the-thijet at some point in mid-June, during the decline. The channel would return to prominence with the inauguration of the Westerminster Republic. Archnox Chamber Hall was renovated and turned into the central legislative of Archnox. The channel became the meeting location of the House of Afrikaans.

Farerrich : the-thijtag[edit | edit source]

Under the April 2021 Anglish Reforms, the-thijet was renamed #the-thijtag.

During Basi's Richstrike, the-thijtag was destroyed in the-thijtag fire. After this disruption, the Chamber was rebuilt by Vacatio and named #the-new-thijtag.

Impact[edit | edit source]

The move of the center of the government of Archnox from #administration to the Chamber Hall generally represented the rise of a form of anti-electoral populism and generally resulted in a far more legitimate democracy than the previous arrangement due to the transparency of government affairs.