Bailey's Last Stand

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Bailey's Last Stand
Part of The Bailey Crisis

Deletion of one of Bailey's last alt accounts
DateJanuary 25-26 2021
Result Archno victory
Archnox Archnox Bailey The Democracy of America NationStates Moderators
Commanders and leaders
Archnox Vacatio Bailey Michael Bailey Max Barry
Units involved
Archnox Hockey Bailey puppet nations NS Moderators
5 nations 15 alts 1 moderator
Casualties and losses
none 15 alts
≥5 unconfirmed alts

Bailey's Last Stand was the last engagement fought between Archnox and the Democracy of America after NationStates moderators deleted all of Michael Bailey's nations on account of his supposed lawsuit filed against the website. The raid resulted in the capture of the region and the banning of Bailey from NationStates, ending a long saga of Baileyite democracy and wewuzzism.

Backround[edit | edit source]

Due to the fallout of the Democracy of America electoral crisis, The Democracy of America was left undefended as most government officials joined the secessionist group of the Legitimate Democracy of America. After Bailey's primary account was banned, Archnox saw an opportunity to take over.

Initial Invasion[edit | edit source]

The Archnox Hockey forces moved into the region 6 hours before the WA Delegate on the 24th of January update and endorsed Chuala. Meeting no resistance, the high command of the operations went quiet and kept a low profile.

Baileyite Response[edit | edit source]

In response to the invasion force, Bailey reacted compulsively. He began making alts accounts and insulting the Archno occupiers. However, he was ultimately repelled by the NationStates moderators who continued to ban his new accounts.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Flag of the Democracy of America under occupation
With Bailey's counter-offensive a complete failure, Archnox came out victorious and began consolidating control of the region. After seizing WA Delegate with the general support of the natives, the region was remodeled. The flag was changed to an Archnox standard with a New Democracy logo rather than an Archnox wheel at the center. The occupation was competed on 26 February 2021. As of April 2021, the region remains a colony of Archnox.