Carl the Person

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Carl the Person
Username Carl
Citizenship Status Citizen
Join Date May 24, 2019
Joined from some random RP
Positions Held Senator
Loyalties Damian's RP
Archnox (2019-)
Years Active Online 2017-
Known for His irregular activity throughout Archnox history
His campaigns for government

Carl the Person, also known as Caruken or simply Carl, is a citizen of Archnox who is well known for his long record for government service in Archnox.

Carl joined Trenox in May 2019 from a geopolitical roleplay that he was in. He was likely invited by Vacatio so that he, Carl, and Thij could strategize in concord to dominate the RP. Carl was mildly active throughout the Summer Golden Age.

Carl first ran for an election in August 2019 under the Republic. He tied for 3rd place in the election by a slim margin and won a seat in the Senate. He won in a similar fashion in October 2019. During the Demonym Debate, Carl supported Archnoxian becoming the demonym for citizens of Archnox. Carl was not a member of any political party since political parties were not popular at that point in Archnox history.

After the collapse of the Republic, Carl continued being mildly active. When the Pashalik formed, Carl was excluded from government. However, having dictated Carl as his successor to Emperor Hemuraile, Carl became a Pasha when Thij resigned in early May. When Thij returned 6 days later, Carl dutifully resigned his position.

Carl remained fairly inactive in Archnox and in Archnox politics until the establishment of The Westminster Government in December 2020. Carl participated in the December 2020 Archnox general election and performed poorly due to his relative absence.

However, in January 2021 Archnox general election, after an underwhelming first round election performance, Carl founded the Aztlan Party and began a loud propaganda campaign. The campaign was demonstrably effective, and Carl won an impressive marginal victory in the second round of the election became the Afrikaan for Novorossiya.

However, this victory was short-lived, for the government was dissolved shortly afterwards during the February Crisis. During the crisis, Carl took on the became a member of the Regency Council. During his tenure, he was generally inactive and made few major political maneuvers. His tenure as Regent ended with the start of the Shahdom, a government in which he played an extremely limited role due to his inactivity.

Following the dissolution of the Shahdom and the restoration of elections under the The Farerrich, Carl returned to Archnox and started a new political party called the Mercia Party with similar aims to the Aztlan Party. During the campaign before the April 2021 election, Carl ran a staunch, anti-Gooseist campaign. With this style of rhetoric, he drew many voters who were anticipating interesting debates between him and Goose. He ultimately won a seat in the Witanmoot. However, due to the draconian Anglish Codes and Goose's departure from Archnox, these debates were rendered nearly impossible and then completely impossible.

Dismayed with the state of Archnox politics, Carl abandoned the Aztlan Party in the lead-up to the May elections in favor of the Populist Party. As a member of the Populist Party, he has been an important Witan and has successfully passed the devolutionary Minority Recognition Act.

Carl is likely best known for his aggressive propaganda campaigns. The propaganda campaigns most often feature Reddit memes that are shoddily edited so as to espouse a message that favors his point of view.