Crazy Cuban

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Crazy Cuban
Username Crazy Cuban
Loyalties League of Conservative Nations (DATE-DATE)
The Region of Greater Miami Shores (2020-)
Years Active Online 2010-
Known for Participating in the Battle of Raxulan

Crazy Cuban otherwise known as Greater Miami Shores or simply Cuban is a right wing, staunchly anti-communist Nationstates player. He has a long history with Nationstates, with over a decade of known activity on the site. He is believed to be an older man with at least some familial connections to the old Cuban Petite bourgeoisie that existed under Fulgencio Batista, an American-backed military dictator who ruled Cuba with an iron fist until the 1959 Cuban Revolution. He is best known in Archnox for his participation in the Battle of Raxulan, a notable part of the Archnox-Bunicken Conflicts.

Real Life Biography[edit | edit source]

Crazy Cuban is widely believed to have been born in Cuba in the late 1950s or early 1960s to a middle class family in Havana, Cuba. According to him, his family owned some amount of land and a modest string of hotels and casinos before the Cuban Revolution and subsequent land redistribution. As a result of the aforementioned, Cuban's immigrated to Florida at some point during the mid to late 1960s.

Crazy Cuban, while likely too young to meaningfully experience or understand his family's displacement, was likely raised with a mindset of deep hatred towards the Cuban Government, a fact which would deeply influence his later paranoia.

Activities regarding Nationstates[edit | edit source]

Crazy Cuban made his Nationstates debut in August 2010 on his nation Greater Miami Shores. Due to his generally disruptive behavior, he was, after some time, exiled from most mainstream, Conservative NationStates communities, namely the League of Conservative Nations.

Today, he interacts little outside a small circle of communities and his nation resides in his private region, The Region of Greater Miami Shores.

Role in the Battle of Raxulan[edit | edit source]

Also see: The Battle of Raxulan

Crazy Cuban was the central figure in the Battle of Raxulan wherein he was the primary debater. The debate started at just before midnight UTC on June 9th, 2020 when Crazy Cuban posted a message in the Raxulan Imperial Discord server where in he denounced "leftist liberal democrats" for "not respect[ing] different political views" regarding the American President Donald Trump. Raemax Thij and Vacatio Libertas, having recently joined the discord server via an invite in the New Reich of Bunicken discord server, responded.

The conversation was slow until just after midnight when Vacatio returned from a brief break and pressed Cuban on examples of the liberal stereotype he described in previous messages. Upon being pressed, Cuban stated that he could not provide examples for his claims due to a paranoid belief that he would be banned from Discord if he spoke out against the(supposedly) hegemonic left, a claim which drew sympathy from fellow Right Wingers Deacarsia and Sandraudiga.

The conversation only deteriorated from that point on. While initially refusing to address arguments made by Vacatio and instead opting for simple questioning and expression of disagreement, Cuban eventually began to engage in debate after Vacatio debunked the claim that Crazy Cuban "escaped" from Cuba.

From this point, a theme would develop in the debate. Cuban would present an autobiographical claim about his life and Vacatio(and later Datvi, Thij, and Skuzi) would refute it using third party citations while pressing for citations supporting Crazy Cuban's autobiographical claims. Among his unsubstantiated autobiographical claims were that:

  • His family's emigration from Cuba could be considered a brave escape.
  • The Cuban secret police would arrest him if he posted arguments against the Cuban government.
  • His Americanized cousin had been arrested by the Cuban Secret Police for posting such arguments.
  • The Cuban diaspora often sent aid to family in Cuba to specifically alleviate them from poverty.
  • Cuba openly trades/traded with 99% of countries in the world under the American embargo.

The Battle is widely considered, in Archnox, to be a decisive Archno victory.

Legacy in Archnox[edit | edit source]

Photo compilation of Crazy Cuban sending notably kulak-esque messages.

Cuban's absurd claims regarding the existence of a massive, international Cuban Intelligence Agency and Secret Police resulted in the creation of the Cuban Mossad role, a decoration which serves to commemorate those in Archnox who played a particularly important role in the Battle of Raxulan.

Cuban's claims regarding the status of his family under the old Cuban Dictatorship resulted in an intensification of hatred towards the Kulak class, a former Ukrainian economic class that was similar in status to Cuban's stated class.