Crisis of the Nigga Century

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Crisis of the Nigga Century
The fall of the Empire, 2 June 2020

The fall of the Empire, 2 June 2020

Date June 2, 2021 (2021-06-02T2021)
Location Archnox
Cause Unclear
Participants Hemuraile and the Pashalik

The Crisis of the Nigga Century was a political crisis that resulted in the end of the Pashalik and the Empire. The crisis occurred on 2 June 2020 as a result of the Oliver Cromwell Act, proposed by Basileus, that called for the removal of Hemuraile as Emperor of Archnox. The act passed the Pashalik by a 3-1 vote, however, Vacatio, a defender of the Hemuraile, called for moderation. The situation quickly escalated as legislation became more and more absurd and dialogue broke down. Spam legislation began to be proposed in rapid succession. One such piece of legislation moved the deliberative chambers of Archnox to general-2.

A bill was proposed by Vacatio as a compromise to reorganize the government without Hemuraile as Emperor, but, by the time he proposed it, the situation had already deteriorated severely. The legislation failed, and Thij Pasha declared the situation a crisis only a few minutes later. The last attempt to save the government was a piece of legislation proposed by Vacatio to delay the formal passage of all the legislation of that day by two days to allow for further deliberation, but it failed to attain sufficient support. A few minutes later, Basileus proposed and passed a motion to dissolve the Pashalik by a 4-0 margin.

Later expressing regret at his decision to vote to abolish the Pashalik, S_kuzi Pasha remarked that "the pashalik was effective 100% of the time excluding today". Thij Pasha similarly advocated installing a new Emperor and restoring the Pashalik

Later that day, UluvarCape was installed by Vacatio as the General Secretary of Archnox, then renamed to Antifanox, to form a new government.