Datvi's Farewell Speech

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Ugur's Farewell Speech is an open resignation letter written by Shah Datvi after the failure of the Great Activity Upward program. The letter allowed for a peaceful transition of government from the Shahdom to the Farerrich and the beginning of Basileus' tenure as Farer. The speech was written and posted in gyhoeddiad on 24 April 2021 in response to Vacatio's warning to Ugur that certain elements of the Vuzurgan body were preparing to remove him from power.

Text of the Speech[edit | edit source]

When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was told by Allah (c.c.) that his end was nigh, he went for the first and last Hajj of his life, where he was accompanied by hundreds of thousands of believers. He addressed and instructed them for the last time. That, is exactly what I am doing today.

Chairman Mao resigned when he had to see the disastrous effects of Great Leap Forward. Following the example of him, I now abdicate in favour of Crown Prince @Basileus. My reign has been chaotic, just like my time as the Chairman of the Party of the Legalists of Archnox. Great Activity Upwards started as a massive activity increase project yet it failed miserably and gave us the worst week of Archnox in terms of activity. Such things had never happened before, except for the time I served as the Regent for a week.

I want to assure you that I asked for none of these. Every action during my reign was supposed to improve this community. Some actually managed to turn out well, such as the Poetry Contest. Yet most failed and led us to the awful condition we are in right now, such as Great Activity Upwards. A virtuous ruler ought to resign when things are bigger than he can tackle.

My final wish is the preservation of the name of #sakartvelo. That channel marks the beginning of a new era and is the sole reminder of my reign.

Thus, we have decreed for the last time!