December 2020 Archnox general election

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December 2020 Archnox general election
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All 4 seats the House of Afrikaans
3 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 57.7%
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Ugur Sahinler Canine0003
Party Legalists Autists Independents
Leader since 25 December 2020 25 December 2020
Seats before - - -
Seats won 2 1 1
Seat change - - -

Make-up of the House of Afrikaans post election with the speaker on the Left and the governing coalition on the top

Prime Thijster before election

Position established

Elected Prime Thijster

Legalists-Redwolf169 coalition

The December 2020 Archnox general election was held on 25 December 2020, to elect 4 representatives to the House of Afrikaans. The Legalist Party won the most seats, but ultimately failed to attain a majority which pushed them to make a coalition agreement. The election was the first election under the Westminster Republic, the first official Archnox election since June 2020, and the first election to result in the formation of a government since December 2019.

The newly formed Legalist Party, consisting of many active Archno such as Ugur Sahinler, Basileus, S_kuzi, and Rio ran on a center left platform that advocated citizenship reform, calendar reform, and the reformation of the Hemuraile Regency into an Empire. While initial election predictions anticipated a decisive Legalist victory, the formation of a loose, anti-legalist coalition between independent candidates prevented S_kuzi from taking the seat in Novorossiya. In the subsequent run-off election between Thij, a member of the Legalist Party, and Canine0003, the leader of the Autist Party, Canine won an unlikely victory due to Thij's unpopularity. This electoral defeat forced the Legalists into a coalition with the independent Redwolf169.

In the first meeting of the House of Afrikaans, S_kuzi would be appointed Prime Thijster by the then Regent Marshal Hemuraile.