Dr Momoh

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Picture of Dr.Momoh that he sent to a member of Archnox.
Username dr momoh
Join Date 24 April 2020
Joined from An email by Thij
Leave Date ~25 April 2020
Positions Held Doctor Momoh
Known for Being the main antagonist of the Dolokhovian Conflict alongside JarlJosef
Honors Doctor Momoh

Dr.Momoh is a doctor of Nigerian folk medicine. He primarily sells essential oils and other traditional remedies, and he is best known in Archnox for his claims to have a panacea.

Archnox members Basi and S_kuzi found and contacted Dr. Momoh. The sender of the invite is not known, however it is predicted that then-member Thij sent it. Dr.Momoh left after only one day in the server. The activity spike caused by his presence is often credited with starting the Quarantine Golden Age.

First Contact[edit | edit source]

Momoh was first discovered on 7 February 2020 when a few members of the American Union State were browsing the Russian social media website VK. They found him on a strange post that featured one of Momoh's supposed patients praising his work and his ability to cure herpes. On 16 April 2020, Archnox member S_kuzi reached out to Dr.Momoh to ask if he could resolve Datvi's medical problems. The contents of the email S_kuzi send have been pasted below:

Hello Dr. Momoh, I heard you do wondrous work as a doctor when it comes to curing Herpes, CANCER and GREEKism, so I was wondering if you can help my friend. My friend ugur "datvi" turan pasha has been diagnosed with a horrible illness, and his doctor (dr. thij) is refusing to do anything unless we pay him 20000 Hemuraili Tate per minute. Ugur unfortunately has a combination of diseases such as incel, herpes, stomach pains and incredibly high amount of stress. It all started in spacecamp Turkey, where Ugur met a pretty woman from Bulgaria, he spent a lot of time with her, however, it turned out that his fierce rival, Uluvar Josh stole her and he has been extremly stresed ever since. Uluvar Josh has made his life hell and even injected him with some strange substances. I am begging you good sir please cure ugur!


Archnox Vacatio, CEO Archnox INC

Basi also sent an email. The contents of the email are pasted below:

Oh Great Dr Momoh,I have heard of your greatness from my friend mr Ululvar but alas I never thought that I would need your aid until this horrible disaster which has stuck me during this great time of ramadan!!!My good friend and compatriot of the anarcho-nihilist cause,his hollyness Reverend Hemu which has a case of autism,dyslexia,herpes!!! and most importantly antivasectomy.I beseech you to pls aid me in vasectomizing him,I await your reply soon enough

Yours truly,


The emails, despite their nonsensical content, received the generic reply that Dr.Momoh sends to all people who contact him. This reply is pasted below:

Well you are very lucky for contacting me and I found your problem so easy for me to handle okay. I am a great herberlist doctor and my herbal medicine is very powerful and it's 100% guarantee, and it has no negative effects on it. I have help so many people from incel, herpes, stomach with my herbs and I assure you will also help your friend Uluvar to get cure from incel, herpes and stomach pains and he will come back to normal health okay. I am going to get herpes, stomach and incel treatment to your home address and instructions on how to apply the herbs, and once you receive the medicine I will give you instructions on how to apply the herbs, after finish taking the herbs for 14 days he will be cure and recover from the disease totally and completely forever. And you will also testify about me on the internet just as others did because that's what make me feel happy for who I'm. Dr. Momoh

After this email,dr.momoh received an invite to Archnox from an unknown source who is now believed to have been Thij.

In Archnox[edit | edit source]

On 24 April 2020, dr.momoh joined Archnox to great fan fare. His arrival was a surprise and, not desiring to give away the true nature of the server, the Archnos congregated in the-lounge and the voice chat. In Archnox, dr.momoh relentlessly shilled his medicine and discussed the services he could provide. He made a wide variety of outrageous claims. He claimed that he could cure almost everything, from incelism to AIDS. In their excitement, Archnox members began posting links to various pornographic discord servers so that he could make similar claims there. After one day in the server, he left.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Momoh's short stay in Archnox left long term effects on the community. The activity spike caused by Momoh would reverberate throughout the months. The strange behavior caused by Momoh's arrival, such as using VC and the-lounge, would also reverberate, with these behaviors becoming increasingly normalized as Quarantine continued. Today, the arrival of dr.momoh is celebrated every 24 April on dr.momoh day.