El Damian

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El Damian
Damian's most iconic profile picture
Username El Damian
Loyalties Damian's RP
Andy's RP
Known Alts Magomed Magomedov
Years Active Online 2016-2020
Known for Creator of Damians rp
Plotting to invade Archnox
Notable role played in the Right Lad Movement

El Damian (2016-2020) was the owner of Damian's server until its deletion. He was later a powerful admin in Andy's RP up until his ban to his doxxing of his friend and co-admin DH2014.

Rise To Power[edit | edit source]

Damian initially started as a moderator in NightStalkerJoe's server, little is known about how he was as a moderator however he, and future moderator and RP server owner Andy the Shizno eventually grew tired of Joe's leadership and began plotting. This would result in a nuke and schism, creating Damian's RP server. The server would grow quickly after its creation, attracting many due to its unique RP style, tight-knit community, and server culture. Some notables who joined early on include Verniy, Redwolf169 and Basileus.

Peak of Power[edit | edit source]

The rapid growth of Damian's RP, coupled with the multiple declines of his enemies, such as SpiderManNinja and the RP Hub in general lead to him having incredible power over his community. Also, due to the perception that all other RPs were complete garbage compared to his due to the tradition of overly long RP turns and forced realism. As such, many of the abuses of toxicity, bias, and retardation done by the staff and Damian himself were often ignored because of the false idea of them being the very best. However multiple cracks began to form during this time, an example is the right lads (see section down below) transforming into a toxic cult army, which scared away multiple members such as Tiber. In addition, a few staff and server members, most notably Coldwater began to feel dissatisfied and kept questioning Damian's decisions and abilities.

First Fall From Power[edit | edit source]

After his peak, everything ran smoothly in Damian's RP. The staff were dedicated to making results, Damian was active and engaged, and his cult stood strong. However, around July or August, Damian started to get less and less active, delegating power to his small administrator circle. While the server at first functioned well without him, with a World War 2 RP being successfully held and finished. However, RPs started to get less and less active, and staff infighting became more and more frequent. This culminated in multiple staff getting into disputes over shitposting and a few leaving, resulting in Damian ending the server on September 8th. Despite DH and S_kuzi doing the most to try and keep the server alive, them and "right lad culture" was blamed the most for the collapse fo the server.

The Right Lads[edit | edit source]

The Right Lads (early summer 2018-September 2019) were an organization made originally by RP server member Ari to give to people he thought were cool. Overtime it degenerated into a cult army worshiping El Damian as a God-Emperor and harassing all who opposed him. Eventually, at the death of Damian's server, The Right Lads were disbanded so El Damian could save face as they were blamed for all the problems of the first server. Multiple attempts by second in command of the Right Lads, Justinian, have been made to revive the dead cult but to no avail.