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Farer of Archnox
Flag of Archnox

Flag of Archnox


since 8 August 2021
Style My Farer
Abbreviation MF
Term length No term length
Precursor Shahanshah
Regent Marshal
General Secretary
Inaugural holder Thij
Formation 26 May 2019
Succession Fifteenth

The head of government of Archnox is the second highest position that a person can hold in Archnox, only below the Head of State of Archnox. The head of government and its role has changed throughout the history of Archnox and even throughout the history of individual governments. Typically, the head of government has the power to influence the government in some way. The current head of government is Farer DH2014. The record for the longest period of time that someone has consecutively served as head of government is held by Hemuraile at 181 days (August 2020-February 2021).

Head of Government of the Republic[edit | edit source]

The head of government of the republic was a longstanding a powerful position in the Government. While the powers of the head of government were not well defined, the role generally included veto power over senatorial legislation, the power to propose legislation, the power to vote on legislation, and administrative permissions in the discord server. The Head of Government of the republic had the power to change his title of honor upon taking office if he had the permission of the Senate. Thij served as Ayatollah of the Republic for two terms from 27 May 2019 to 9 October 2019, and then returned as Princep of the Republic from 7 December 2019 to 13 February 2020. Redwolf169 served as Caliph of the Republic for one term from 9 October 2020 to 7 December 2020.

Head of Government of the Empire[edit | edit source]

The head of government of the Empire was a unique, mildly influential position in the government. The head of the government of the Empire was the Emperor. While the Emperor never had any actual administrative powers, the Emperor had the unique ability to organize a government. Under Emperor Redwolf169, otherwise known as Redtilla the Wolf, the position of Emperor was a largely honorary position, and Redwolf did not leverage his position to push for reforms. Under Emperor Hemuraile, however, the government was reformed so as to give the Emperor more real and ceremonial powers, such as the power to propose and vote on legislation. However, after the failure of the Emperor to resolve the Crisis of the Nigga Century in a satisfactory manner, the Empire was dissolved on 2 June 2020.

Heads of Government under Antifa[edit | edit source]

The heads of government under Antifa were the two shortest lived heads of government. The first head of government under Antifa was Josh D. Uluvar, otherwise known as UluvarCape. Vacatio Libertas installed Uluvar as the General Secretary of the newly created Antifa Party on 3 June since he believed it would be funny. While Uluvar tried to implement anti-Gooseist and anti-Gaming policies, he was ultimately limited by his lack of real Discord administrative powers and his short tenure. After the important 21st Congress of Antifa and an election, the government was reformed on a Democratic Centralist model and the short-lived Andropovate was established. However, upon being elected to the position of Andropov, DH2014 immediately resigned.

Regents as Head of Government[edit | edit source]

From the collapse of the Andropovate to the establishment of the Westminster Government, temporary Regent Marshals primarily served as head of government. From 12 June to 19 June, for example, Ugur Sahinler served as Regent Marshal. In this brief time period, he designed his own regime wherein he served both as Regent Marshal and as Shah. Following this trend, in his tenure as Regent, Basileus, as de facto head of government, created the Presbyter council and undertook controversial cultural reforms, such as the notorious English ban.

After Vicslava intervened to remove Basileus from power, he installed Hemuraile in his place. While Hemuraile did not undertake a great many reforms, he did succeed in stabilizing the volatile Archnox government. These efforts came to a head when, in collaboration with Basileus and Vacatio, Hemuraile authorized the creation of the Westminster Government.

Head of Government of the Westminster Government[edit | edit source]

Hemuraile was the only Head of Government of the Westminster Government. Due to Vacatio's trust of Hemuraile, Vacatio allowed him to keep most of his powerful permissions in the discord server. As Empress, Hemuraile gained powers in regards to the function of the government, such as the power to veto and the power to propose legislation, however, he also allowed for the existence of an elected legislature, namely the powerful House of Afrikaans which elected its own Prime Thijster to do the dirty work of government. After the passage of Protocol 0000 through the House of Afrikaans, Hemuraile was resigned as Empress on 12 February, thus triggering the February Crisis.

Head of Government of the Shahdom[edit | edit source]

Ugur Sahinler was installed as Shah on the third of March at the conclusion of the 2021 February Crisis by the Regency Council under the terms of the controversial The Government Forming Act. Although a rival government form was proposed by Canine0003 and the Archnox Autists' Party, Basileus ultimately became the decisive person in favor of the Shahdom after he was promised a position on the Vuzurgan body. The powers of the head of government of the Shahdom were uniquely powerful, partially due to the exceptional inactivity of the legislative body. However, this inactivity would ultimately be the downfall of the Shahdom. In the face of mounting resentment caused by the Uguric Dark Age, Shah Datvi would resign on in favor of his crown prince, Basileus.

Head of Government of the Farerrich[edit | edit source]

After Datvi's resignation on 24 April, Basileus suddenly became the Shah of Archnox. As Shah of Archnox, his first action was to dissolve the previous government and order elections for the following Tuesday. In the meanwhile, Basi declared himself Farer of Archnox and established the Farerrich. As head of government, Basi had broad executive powers and no legislature to keep him in check as no legislature had been elected.

Election season lasted approximately one week, and by the end, S_kuzi was installed as head of government by a meeting of the Witanmoot.

As Farer, S_kuzi had fairly limited powers compared to previous heads of government. While he had the power to order powerful executive orders without passing the Witanmoot, he did not have the power to vote nor propose legislation to the Witanmoot, a legislative body. He was also kept in check by the Deemer of Archnox. The Deemer was the only person in government with veto power. The position was created by Basileus when he was Farer so that he could preserve his power in government after the end of his term.

However, after Vacatio was installed as Farer, the position was greatly empowered. After Basi's Richstrike, the Deemership was temporarily left vacant, leaving a massive power vacuum in government. With the first majority government in Archnox history, Vacatio made the decision to delegate most powers previously left to heads of government to the Witanmoot. Vacatio consistently refused to implement decisions without the approval of the Witanmoot, and he regularly demanded broad approval for proposals in order to promote unity. He formalized this decentralization with the July Farerrich Constitution, the first such Constitution that had been passed by an elected government.

List of Heads of Government of Archnox[edit | edit source]

  Antifa Party   Archmont Unity Party   Populist Party   Non-Partisan

Title Name
Portrait Took office Left office Political party
Ayatollah Thij
27 May 2019 9 October 2019 Archmont Unity Party
Caliph Redwolf169
9 October 2019 7 December 2019 Non-Partisan
Princep Thij
7 December 2019 13 February 2020 Archmont Unity Party
Emperor Redwolf169
29 February 2020 30 April 2020 Non-Partisan
Emperor Hemuraile
30 April 2020 2 June 2020 Non-Partisan
General Secretary Josh D. Uluvar
3 June 2020 5 June 2020 Antifa Party
Andropov DH2014
10 June 2020 10 June 2020 Antifa Party
Shah Ugur Sahinler
12 June 2020 19 June 2020 Non-Partisan
Regent Marshal Basileus
11 August 2020 15 August 2020 Non-Partisan
Regent Marshal
16 August 2020 12 February 2021 Non-Partisan
Shahanshah Ugur Sahinler
3 March 2021 24 April 2021 Non-Partisan
Farer Basileus
24 April 2021 4 May 2021 Non-Partisan
Farer S kuzi
4 May 2021 29 May 2021 Non-Partisan
Farer Vacatio
29 May 2021 12 August 2021 Populist Party
Farer DH2014
12 August 2021 18 August 2021 Eco-Socialist Party
Farer Vacatio
18 August 2021 Post-History Non-Partisan

Timeline of Heads of Government[edit | edit source]

DH2014VacatioVacatioS kuziBasileusBasileusUgur SahinlerDH2014Josh D. UluvarHemuraileRedwolf169Thij
  1. (He held the role Empress from January 2 onward)