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Goose's most well-known profile picture.
Username Expendable101
Citizenship Status Trusted Foreigner
Join Date December 22, 2019
Joined from S_kuzi's RP
Loyalties Damian's RP (2018-2020)
Archnox (2019-2020)
Known Alts The Goose Army(accused)
Known for Coping and seething, The Goose Army

Expendable 101 (2018-),also known as Goose, was the main Ecomod and Moderator of Damian's RP up until his first expulsion in 2018. It is rumored that he was also the leader of the infamous Goose Army, though he denied any involvement with the organization and eventually denounced them. Throughout the years, Goose has become a controversial figure and earned much hatred due to his long rants, incompetence as a staff member, and incompetence as an RPer in Damian's Community.

Early History[edit | edit source]

Goose first joined Damian's RP in 2018 through an advertisement in iSorrowProduction's Discord server. At this time, Damian's Community didn't pay much attention to him aside from occasionally ridiculing his choice to play as the Kuomintang or the United Arab Republic in nearly every RP.

The First Goose Expulsion[edit | edit source]

The first notable occasion of drama between Goose and Damian began due to accusations brought forth by the former accusing the latter of bias. After blows were exchanged, Goose decided to leave the server. After leaving, Goose helped establish an anti-Damian organization with the intent to coup Damian and purge his loyalists. The coup attempt, however, resulted in a Gooseist defeat and all conspirators outside of a select few were banned.

The Birth of Goose[edit | edit source]

Goose would secretly be allowed back to Damian's server after assuming a new identity as Goose. However, even under this new pseudonym, Goose did not fare well with the Damianoid community, and he was often being accused of being a Kaiserboo and regularly harassed for making long rants. Annoyed by this abuse, he started criticizing the Damianoid Community in other servers, something for which he was banned, thus resulting in the Second Goose expulsion.

The Second Goose Expulsion[edit | edit source]

The Second Goose Expulsion was highly celebrated by the Damianoid Community, as, in their opinion, they had managed to get rid of a nuisance. The Second Goose Expulsion was the longest-lasting one and would eventually lead to the creation of the Tangerine Resistance Army as a fraction of the Damian RP community, a group that did not wish to see his return.

The Goose Army Controversy[edit | edit source]

During August 2019, a large number of accounts numbering around 18, claimed to be part of the Goose Army, an organization with the intent of waging an insurgency against Andy's RP server to protect Goose from the TRA. The Goose Army organized raids against several other servers outside of Andy's, including an occupation of Archnox where the army held the server hostage until Vicslava came online, banned all 5 Goose Army accounts, then returned ownership to Vacatio after his account was returned by Discord's administration. Accusations of Goose leading the insurgency led to the Third Goose Expulsion, which ended shortly after Goose denounced the organization acting in his name.

Present Day[edit | edit source]

Goose joined Archnox in December of 2019 after being invited from S_kuzi's RP. While in Archnox, Goose was best known for his typically American political opinions and Centrism when compared with the rest of the active community. He was notable in Archnox for his outspoken opposition to the policies of the People's Republic of China, and his unique internet vocabulary(including regular usage of the words "cope" and "seethe").Goose founded the Goose Party in January 23rd 2021 to "protect the gooseist minority inArchnox",however the political party has no recognition from any political force in Archnox

He left Archnox in mid August of 2020 during the English language crackdowns done by the Basileus Administration and returned to Archnox the next day after Hemu came to power.