Goose Army

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the Goose Army
part of Damian's RP
the man the Goose Army claimed to protect
Type Militant Organisation
Size 18-20
Years Active 2019 -
Enemies Damian's RP
Andy's RP
the Tangerine Resistance Army
Spiderninja's RP
Archnox Archnox
The Democracy of America

the Goose Army also known as the GA was a militant organisation composed of 18 members, all of which claimed to protect Goose from the abuse of the Tangerine Resistance Army, Damian's RP, and Andy's RP, they often raided other servers not involved in the conflict between the TRA and the GA until their sudden disappearance.

Clashes with the TRA in Andy's Server[edit | edit source]

the Goose Army attempted to infiltrate and start skirmishes against Damian's RP and Andy's RP wih relatively success,leading to the purge of members of the servers aswell as leading to a rise of hatred against Goose himself due to the conspiracy that the organization was lead by him

There is currently no info as to how or why the Goose Army is able to get into Andy's Server again and again as well as recognise the users who wronged Goose.

See: the Tangerine-Goose War for further information.

Occupation of Archnox[edit | edit source]

The Goose Army attacked Archnox without a warning and occupied it with 5 of its members, see: occupation of Archnox for more information

Modern Day And Legacy[edit | edit source]

The Goose Army even after the end of it's campaign agaist Damian seems to be semi-active with agents appearing every now and then to attack Archnox,most notably claiming to have been payed by Archnox to assasinate the Democracy of America founder Michael Bailey.The Goose Army is also the claimed military wing of Goose's modern day political movement with no known members