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Gooseism was a political ideology in Archnox that was primarily espoused by Goose, an Archnox user who was active in the server from April 2020 through May 2021. Gooseism was founded by Goose in order to further his political ambitions in Archnox. Gooseism as a philosophy was built around the idea of Gooseist liberation, with Goose often implicitly comparing himself to the African American civil rights campaigner Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Gooseism was staunchly against Eurasianism, with Goose often speaking negatively of "russoids" in his diatribes against political rivals, namely S_kuzi.

One of the most notable elements of Gooseism was the Goose Party, an Archnox political party that officially adhered to Gooseism. While the Goose Party was certainly outspoken, it was not generally effective as a political force, having only ever won a seat in one uncompetitive election.

Gooseism provoked a decent backlash from opponents. S_kuzi meanwhile took offense to Goose's anti-Eurasianist ideology and his socially liberal ideas. Carl strongly denounced Gooseism in the aforementioned election, instead favoring Chicano liberation and seeing Gooseism as detrimental to Archnox's interests-- noting Goose's long accused history of treason. However, Gooseism drew some sympathy from Canine0003 who, seeing Gooseism as "autistic", was willing to work alongside Goose.

Gooseism practically died when Goose suddenly left Archnox in May 2021.