Great Activity Upward

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Picture featuring Lei Feng, an iconic symbol of the Great Activity Upward
Picture featuring Lei Feng, an iconic symbol of the Great Activity Upward

Great Activity Upward was an Archnox government initiative sponsored by Shah Datvi with the intention of increasing activity. Shah Datvi proposed the initiative on 6 June and got it approved by the Vuzurgans on the same day. All legislation and government discussion that occurred during the Great Activity Upwards have been lost to time, having been destroyed during the the-thijtag fire during Basi's Richstrike.

Great Activity Upward, despite introducing several government reforms to spur activity, did not fulfill its aim due largely to the condition of Archnox at the time, with many regular Archnox users bogged down with schooling. Great Activity Upward, ironically, oversaw a period of declining activity known as the Uguric Dark Age. The Dark Age's low activity rate eventually led to the resignation of Shah Datvi and the end of the Shahdom. Shah Datvi condemned the initiative and accepted its failure in his farewell speech.

However, the initiative has had a long term cultural impact on Archnox. Great Activity Upward was a time of distinctly innovative government. During Great Activity Upwards, the first Archnox poetry contest was hosted, hemuspin was devolved to Hemuraile, and dream-log was created. Many of these innovations would be continued and expanded by the succeeding Farerrich.

Name[edit | edit source]

Great Activity Upward is a reference to Mao Zedong's Great Leap Forward program, which aimed to rapidly increase the steel production in People's Republic of China. Ironically, both of the programs failed miserably and resulted in the downfall of their architects.

Aims[edit | edit source]

Great Activity Upward was an initiative intent primarily on increasing activity in Archnox. The major goals stated in the legislation included:

  1. Creation of a rant channel as rants cause activity spikes.
  2. Giving Hemu autonomy in hemuspin as he was the most frequent user of the channel.
  3. Pinging Goose on a daily basis as his presence increased activity.
  4. Organizing cultural activities to increase participation to server.

The Vuzurgans approved all these measures bar the first one, claiming there were already enough channels and a separate channel for rants was unnecessary.

Execution of the Plan[edit | edit source]

Shah Datvi, having secured a rubber stamp from the Vuzurgans, rapidly enacted the planned reforms. He would later exceed his powers and would lead the execution of Great Activity Upward as he saw fit. Of the three articles that were approved by the Vuzurgans, only two were implemented, as the idea of pinging Goose everyday proved unpopular to many users.

Lei Feng Day[edit | edit source]

Shah Datvi, a known Sinophile of Archnox, released a message on 5 March 2020, celebrating "Lei Feng Day" a national day in People's Republic of China. A YouTube link to the Chinese song "Learn From Lei Feng's Good Example" accompanied the following message:

Today, March the 5th, is a national memorial day for Comrade Lei Feng. As Paramount Leader Xi Jinping says in a speech he made on 04/05/2013, young people should be the first to learn from the good example of Lei Feng.

As the Shahanshah of Archnox, I would like to wish you a great March the 5th, a day of appreciating the good deeds and selfless sacrifices Comrade Lei Feng did for Chairman Mao, the Party and China.

As one last thing, here is a song to listen while remembering public hero Lei Feng, great chairman Mao Zedong and beloved premier Zhou Enlai:

This announcement had little, if any, impact on the community as most did not share Shah Datvi's enthusiasm for Lei Feng.

First Archnox Poetry Contest[edit | edit source]

Seeing Hemu and Vacatio posting their poems in language, Shah Datvi decided to hold a poetry contest to harvest that activity. On April 2nd 2021, the first poetry contest began. All participants were asked to write an acrostic poem with the word "THIJ". The winner was going to be chosen by Hemu as he was Shah Datvi's favorite poet. A channel called poetry-contest was made for the participants to post their poems.

After the announcement, Tito, an irregular Archnox user, called Shah Datvi a "nerd" and left the server. Shah Datvi would later consider this to be the "first failure of Great Activity Upward".

All was going well until the end of the contest when, Hemu, famously disillusioned with Archnox government events, refused to rate the poems and pick a winner. Enraging Shah Datvi, Hemu stated that he did not have time for it and that Datvi did not even tell him about the contest beforehand. Shah Datvi, without any other options left, decided to hold a vote to pick the winner. After a close contest between Redwolf169 and Vacatio, Vacatio was chosen as the "winner" by a slim margin, which led to a very weird situation where the de-facto owner was required to give himself a specially designed role.

The contest, despite not generating much activity, had a large effect on Archnox culture. New poetry contests were made by succeeding governments and similar events became a signature Archnox activity.

Autonomy of #hemuspin[edit | edit source]

Shah Datvi, known for his dislike towards anime, did not want to look at hemuspin during his reign as he had absolutely no interest in its content. However, recognizing the channel as a major source of activity, Shah Datvi decided to grant it autonomy under Article 2 of the Great Activity Upward legislation. Hemuraile was granted administrative powers in the channel. Shah Datvi then muted the channel and didn't touch it for the rest of his reign. However, since Hemuraile was not properly informed that he possessed such permissions, so the Article failed to actually change the governance of Archnox.

However again, this was the first time in Archnox history that a core channel of Archnox had been granted special privileges, a precursor to the Outkerneling policies that were implemented under the Farerrich.

Creation of #dream-log[edit | edit source]

While not an explicit part of the Great Activity Upwards program, on March 26th 2021, Shah Datvi created the dream-log channel. The channel's creation was inspired by Datvi's participation in YaYeet, a server known in Archnox for its Conservatism, which had a channel with the same name and purpose.

Despite early opposition from members, such as Vacatio who commented "what the hell" upon its creation, the channel generated some activity, especially from Nicolai. As of July 2021, dream-log is still a popular channel among Archnox users.

End of Great Activity Upward[edit | edit source]

After the most inactive week in Archnox history since October 2020 , Shah Datvi finally accepted that the initiative was failing. However, instead of trying to save the initiative, he started to ping everyone in a vain attempt to draw attention to the server. After an unresponsive Vuzurgan body refused to meet him for meeting, he knew that his government was dead in the water. On 24 April 2021, after celebrating Dr. Momoh Day and the Armenian genocide, Vacatio told Shah Datvi about a "shadow government" planning to overthrow his regime. Shah Datvi reacted nervously; and, in order to ensure an orderly transition of power, he resigned in favor of Basileus-- his crown prince-- a few minutes later in his famous farewell speech.