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Grr is a meme used as an interjection, filler, or spam word by certain Archnox users, particularly Hemuraile and RioDias. Like in real-world contexts, grr in Archnox is used to express the user's anger or disappointment, but can also be used to express general negativity or for the sake of being used. Because of its near-constant usage, it has entered the Archnox mythos.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Grr originates from a user in one of Andy the Shizno roleplay servers, where one user would type "grr" after not getting what he wanted. Then-Archnox member S_Kuzi found this to hysterical and thus introduced it to the Archnox Discord server, where it was then used by Basileus, Vacatio, RioDias, and Hemuraile.

Grr is typically typed using at least two of the letter R, but grr has been typed using more than two or just one.

Tigerball[edit | edit source]

right On December 7th, 2020, S_Kuzi had made his profile picture an image of a Tigerball from Russian Polandball comics, wearing green shades and a Santa hat. Using his moderator permissions, Hemuraile programmed the server's DynoBot to automatically respond to all messages containing "grr" (two or more Rs) with an image of the Tigerball. As of June 2022, there have been over 3,750 instances of DynoBot responding to grr.