January 2020 Archnox referendum

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January 2020 Archnox senate referendum
Choice Votes %
Referendum failed No 4 57.1
Yes 3 42.9
Total votes 7 100.00

A referendum on the future of the Senate in Archnox was held on January 1 2020. The question put to voters was:

Should Senate be dissolved in favor of an open citizens forum wherein anyone can propose legislation and all proposals which garner a significant amount of support are approved via referendum?

The question was put to all citizens and trusted foreigners and was made with the aim of abolishing The Republic in favor of a stateless structure. The question was proposed by Vacatio with the support of Caliph Thij, the Head of State of Archnox. The resolution was opposed by the Senate of Archnox.

Despite the failure of the resolution effective January 10, the government would nonetheless be forcibly dissolved by Vacatio on February 13, thus beginning the Governmentless Period.