Josh D. Uluvar

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Josh D. Uluvar
Image of F├╝hrer Josh D. Uluvar sporting his uniform
Username UluvarCape
Citizenship Status Citizen, later Trusted Foreigner
Join Date March 10th, 2019 Abril 30th, 2020
Leave Date December 24th, 2019 July 8th, 2020
Known for Founding the Antifa Crow Army

Uluvar Cape[edit | edit source]

Uluvar Cape also known as Josh D is a autistic man-child incel from Washington State. He is known for his frequent schizo vent rants, autistic takes and beliefs that the world would be better if Germany won the first world war

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Uluvar was born in mordor, the son of the demon of race mixing. The demon made a disastrous mix of Filipino and amerimutt, which means UlulvarCape in demonic languages.

Desire to Be Chinese[edit | edit source]

Uluvar Cape wants to be Chinese as he claims that nobody in the USA knows what a Filipino is. He says that there is a cute Japanese girl in his class and he wants to approach her by joking how she massacred his family in WW2. Nobody knows how that would work. Uluvar cape also does not want to live in China and believes he will be fluent in mandarin just if he has Chinese parents. His low intelligence makes this questionable.