June 2020 impeachment referendum

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June 2020 Antifa impeachment referendum
Choice Votes %
Referendum passed Yes 6 75
No 2 25
Total votes 8 100.00

The June 2020 impeachment referendum was a public referendum held on 4 June 2020. The question asked regarded if the voter agreed with a the resolution of 21st Congress of Antifa that proposed dismissing Josh D. Uluvar as General Secretary of Antifa.

The result was an overwhelming vote in favor of the impeachment of Josh D. Uluvar, and Archnox subsequently held an referendum to form a new government

Text of the Resolution[edit | edit source]


Citing the incompetence and utter inability to rule, with examples being the gamer army, Chinese racial conversion and also the sinister plot against Dolokhia that the current general secretary has shown, I, S_Kuzi, Antifa politburo member, puts forth the following motion

1) Umpeaching General Secretary Uluvar Cape from all his offices in the Antifa Party of Archnox
2) holding a conference to decide the future government

3) executing the current General Secretary Uluvar Cape