Longhornian Miracle

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The Longhornian Miracle

Chart depicting messages sent in Trenox in 2019 with the Longhornian Miracle highlighted in yellow

Date 2 April 2019 (2019-04-02) to 14 April 2019 (2019-04-14)
Location general, Trenox
Also known as The Longhornian Spike
Type Activity spike
Participants Longhornia
  • Long term activity increase in Trenox
  • Viability of Trenox proved
  • #longi-file-2 created

The Longhornian Miracle was a sudden spike in activity in Trenox caused by Longhornia suddenly joining the server in early April.

During the Longhornian Miracle, activity in Trenox hit 10,916 messages during during the week of 7 April. In the span of a week, Longhornia had sent nearly as many messages as Vacatio had sent in the previous 3 months combined.

The spike in activity suddenly ended on 14 April when Longhornia said she would be inactive during the ensuing school week and would be back by Friday. She did not come back on Friday, and she never returned to the server.

While Longhornia left the server, her affect on activity was still very much felt in Trenox. While the 5 weeks leading up to the Miracle averaged under 859 messages, the 5 weeks immediately following Longhornia's departure averaged 1,531 messages. In order to document the Miracle and to preserve screenshots of Longhornia taken in Archmont, Xenox, and Adefion, #longi-file-2 was founded. The channel remains in the server today as an archive. The Longhornian Spike is often considered a prelude to the Senate Golden Age. The increased activity caused by the Longhornian Miracle allowed for the creation of The Republic, the first proper government of Archnox.