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Archnox, formerly Trenox, is a Discord server founded January 20th, 2019 by Vacatio Libertas. While the server was originally founded as Trenox, an off-shoot of Xenox, the server would quickly exceed Xenox in terms of message volume and active members. The first government was the Triumvirate, a moderating council consisting of three members, including Vacatio, Thij, and Redwolf169. In the early days, the server was fairly inactive until the Longhornian Miracle resulted in a sudden spike in server activity which would result in greater interest in the server and the loosening of strict border restrictions. This reform would result in a spike in server membership which would, in turn, result in Vacatio declaring the obsolescence of the Triumvirate.

The Republic was founded on May 26th with the start of the first elections. The first election resulted in a decisive Thij victory. This victory would set the theme for the Republic which would be dominated by Thij. The Republic is considered, in Archnox, to have been a center right, conservative regime. The Republic had elections every couple months as per an unofficial constitution. The legislative body was a Senate elected via a system of preferential voting. The Republic oversaw a golden age over the summer of 2019 followed by a dark age that would start in the fall and last until the 2020 quarantine.

The Republic was dissolved in January 2020 due to Vacatio's frustration with the Senate's inaction in addressing the server's lackluster activity. Shortly after its dissolution, Redwolf169 would found the Empire. The Empire would become Archnox's longest lasting government. While the Early Empire was characterized by the Dark Age, the establishment of the Pashalik body under Emperor Hemuraile would accompany an upsurge in activity, including the most active week in Archnox history since the Longhornian Miracle. The Pashalik, however, despite it's long standing influence on legislation and government function, would eventually dissolve the Empire during the Crisis of the Nigga Century.

With the collapse of the Empire, multiple, short-lived governments under UluvarCape, Ugur Sahinler, and the All-Archnox Congress, but none of them would prove viable. The first long-lasting, post imperial government would start after the collapse of the Second Basileus Regency and the beginning of the Hemuraile Regency. The Hemuraile Regency would be long-lasting and prosperous, seeing consistent activity for multiple months before Hemuraile voluntarily ceded his powers as Regent Marshal by establishing the His Majesty's Westminster Government.

The Westminster Government prospered from January 2 to February 12 until the newly elected House of Afrikaans voted to invoke Protocol 0000, thus dissolving the government and overthrowing Hemuraile after his 7 month tenure as head of government. This sudden upheaval kicked off the February Crisis during which the Regency Council foundered whilst trying to create a new government. However, on 3 March, the Regency finally passed The Government Forming Act which ended the crisis and installed Ugur Sahinler as Shahanshah of the second Shahdom.

The Shahdom only lasted for a short time period until it was dissolved in the face of mounting pressure caused by a decline in activity during what was deemed the Uguric Dark Age. In response to said pressure, Ugur made the decision to step-down from his role as Head of Government in favor of Basileus. Basileus oversaw a return to elections and founded the Farerrich.

The following election cycle marked a stable start for a new regime, and the mood was optimistic. However, this optimism would soon prove to be misguided. The following session of the Witanmoot was notably corrupt and stagnate, largely due to the power that Basileus held over government as the Deemer. Vacatio, disillusioned by the Eddie169 Crook, stepped down as owner of Archnox and founded the Populist Party. After the Populist Party decisively won the May elections, Basi dissolved the Witanmoot and attempted a coup. Vacatio smashed the coup and restored the Farerrich.

With Vacatio's restoration of the Farerrich, Basileus was expelled from Archnox for reasons of security. In Vacatio's term as Farer, he fought to make Archnox more pluralistic and encourage more participation from a greater number of people. In protest of Basi's expulsion, S_Kuzi refused to participate in government. Despite this, Vacatio's Populist government continued the QOTDs, brought back The Archnox Irregular, passed the first citizenship act since 2019, began the Outkerneling policy, and generally oversaw a period of stable activity that was accompanied by a growth in the number of users that regularly use Archnox. However, many longtime actives of Archnox opposed Vacatio's pluralistic governing approach and founded the Party for the Restoration of Archnox as a right wing opposition party. In protest of the results of the July elections, the party left Archnox, taking six members of the server with them. As a result of the exit, Vacatio resigned as Farer on 12 August 2021.

Vicslava is the de jure owner of Archnox, but, due to his inactivity, there is no de facto owner. The current head of government is DH2014. The current Archnox legislative body is the Witanmoot, and it was elected in July. Archnox's most recent election had a turnout of 22; and in a normal week, one can expect upwards of about 8k messages. The official Archnox newspaper is The Archnox Irregular, and its most recent edition was published on 1 August 2021