Aztlan Party

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Aztlan Party
Abbreviation AP
Chairman Carl the Person
Founder Carl the Person
Founded 31 January 2021
Dissolved 24 May 2021
Succeeded by Populist Party
Ideology Chicanismo
Political position Left wing
Colors   Red
Slogan ¡Viva Aztlan!
House of Afrikaans (at height)
1 / 4

The Aztlan Party was an Archnox political party that was active from January to May 2021. The party ran on a Chicanista and Populist platform and was renowned for its use of political propaganda. The party merged with the Populist Party in May 2021.

The Party was founded during the second election of the Westminster Government by Carl the Person. After Carl failed to be elected during the first round of elections, he established the Aztlan Party to make clear his campaigning platform. The party was notable for its aggressive campaigning strategy and its use of propaganda throughout the campaign. Running for the Oklahoma constituency, Carl ran on a platform of Chicano liberation. While the election was tight and heavily contested, Carl ultimately won with a slim plurality of votes, winning an upset victory against Goose, Canine0003, and Thij.

After the dissolution of the Westminster Republic, Carl played a central role in the February Crisis as one of the members of the Regency Council that took over after the Second Goose Invasion. In his time on the Regency Council, Carl did not invoke party politics.

The party felt a resurgence with the establishment of the Farerrich and the return of elections. During the April election cycle, Carl rebranded the Aztlan Party as the Mercia Party. His Chicanista message became a message of Mercian autonomy in Archnox. As leader of the Mercia Party, Carl became a leader in the Anti-Gooseist faction and a key producer of propaganda for the cause. After winning the shire of Mercia in decisive style, he cast all 23 of his Farer votes for S_kuzi.

The party initially actively participated in the Witanmoot and proposed anti-Gooseist legislation. However, the party later gave up on participation in protest of the restrictive Anglish Codes. The party merged with the Populist Party in the run-up to theMay elections in order to further the cause of Chicano self-determination.

As a member of the Populist Party, Carl proposed the Minority Recognition Act. The act was approved by Farer Vacatio in early June 2021 and finally brought Chicano self-determination to fruition.

Election Leaders Votes Seats Position Government
No. % ± No. ±
January 2021 Carl the Person 5 10.0 Increase10.0
1 / 4
Increase1 Increase 1st
Tied Afrikaans
Westminster Government
April 2021 5 19.2 Increase9.2
1 / 5
Steady Increase 1st
Tied with the AAP