Michael Bailey

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Michael Bailey
Username founder of the democracy
Join Date 2020
Joined from The Democracy of America
Leave Date 2020
Loyalties Krasnaya 2020-2020
South Lebanon 2020-2020
The West Pacific 2020-2020
The Democracy of America 2020-2021
Years Active Online 2020
Known for Regional administrative incompetence
Broken english
Attempts to sue NationStates

Michael Bailey is one of the four Fools of Archnox infamous for his incompetency and attempts to sue NationStates. He was the Vice President of Krasnaya until 7 December 2020 when he was impeached after a scandal involving the occupation of his region, South Lebanon, by The West Pacific. From 7 December 2020 on, he was the owner of The Democracy of America, a minor NationStates region. This came to a sudden end on 23 January 2020 when he was banned from NationStates for threatening to sue Max Berry.