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Join Date 2 November 2019
Joined from Unofficial /leftypol/ Discord
Leave Date 11 May 2021

Cykada, also known as Neocom, is one of the Fools of Archnox. He is best known for his eccentric personality and political beliefs, and he was a defining character of the Summer Golden Age.

He first came into Archnox's sphere when he joined the Unofficial /leftypol/ Discord in July of 2019. Upon joining U/LP/, he posted a large text rant that described an ideology that he dubbed "Neocommunism" that he personally ascribed to. The amazingly incoherent rant was later dubbed the Neocommunist Manifesto and immediately gained attention in U/LP/. Cykada quickly gained a large following of members and made a server dedicated to the promotion of Neocommunism. Vacatio, laughing hysterically to the point of tears, invited members of Archnox to the server.

While in the server, Datvi, S_kuzi, Basi, and Vacatio mostly just enjoyed the show. Trolling was pretty much unnecessary since Neocom often generated his own material without prompting due to his autism, his severe lack of good sense, and his unpredictability.

Ardennes, a U/LP/ user and a leader of the Revionist faction of the Neocommunist movement, made a new server shortly after the creation of the original one. After the new server was filled with porn and gore (an action that was likely carried out by Thij, Ardennes made another new server. Cykada, frustrated with Ardennes, split with him and made his own server.

After convincing Neocom that the repeatedly failure of his servers was the result of hackers, Vacatio was given ownership of his Neocom's server and transformed it into the colony of New Archmont.

Word quickly spread in and around Archnox about Cykada, and this spread opened the door to more severe trolling. While Archonii typically limited their trolling of NeoCom to his Discord servers, participants in Damian's RP were not so kind. Two Damianoids, DH2014 and Grand Admiral Thrawn, both went undercover as e-girls to solicit nudes from NeoCom. They were, of course, successful. Following this blatant ethical overstep, The Senate resolved in a steep majority to denounce the trolling of NeoCom, archive #epic-neocom-moments, and revoke an award that DH2014 had received for "exceptional service in the fight against the ravenous natives of New Archmont".

After this act, the heyday of Neocommunism in Archnox quickly came to an end.

Legacy and Continued Influence[edit | edit source]

With the end of the heyday of Neocommunism, Neocom and his ideology continued to influence Archnox. Vacatio's essay from early 2020 The Fight for Neocommunism was inspired by an orthodox interpretation of Neocommunist ideology. Neocom and his ideology is often cited and referenced by members of Archnox; and Neocom himself is often invited back, mostly by Canine0003.