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Depiction of Nicolai as a benadryl addict, 2021
Username nicolai
Citizenship Status Second Class Citizen
Join Date January 4, 2021
Joined from Vacatio's invite
Loyalties Archnox (2021-)
Years Active Online 2016-
Known for Autism posting
Being the most active of Vacy's irloids

Nicolai, sometimes known simply as Nico, is a member of Archnox and of the Archnox Autists' Party. He joined in April of 2021, making him among the newest members of Archnox. He is considered one of Vacy's irloids, a group of Archnox users that Vacatio knows in real life. He is an active user of the hot-takes channel, and he has a close friendship with Canine0003. He is an artist, and he has contributed to The Archnox Irregular.