Party of the Legalists of Archnox

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Party of the Legalists of Archnox
Abbreviation PLA
Chairman S_kuzi
Founder Ugur Sahinler
Founded 25 December, 2020
Dissolved 2 February, 2021
Ideology Han Fei Legalism
Big Tent
Political position Big Tent
Slogan Order, Justice, Fraternity
House of Thijsters (at height)
1 / 4
House of Afrikaans (at height)
2 / 4

Party of the Legalists of Archnox (PLA Or Legalists for short) was a center left political party in Archnox made-up primarily of sinophiles from the Archno old guard. The Legalist Party was the largest political party in Archnox. It was the leader of the governing coalition of Archnox during the S_kuzi Ministry. The party supported the passage of Protocol 0000 that dissolved the Westminster government and triggered the February Crisis.

Foundation[edit | edit source]

The Legalist Party was founded by Ugur Sahinler on 25 December 2020 to take part in the December 2020 Archnox general election under the Westminster Republic. The proposal for the foundation of the Party quickly received positive feedback from Basileus and RioDias. The foundation of the party was completed after S kuzi joined. The founders quickly decided the basic principles of the Party, mainly influenced by de-facto ideologist, S_kuzi.

Parliamentary Activities[edit | edit source]

In the December 2020 Archnox general election, the PLA candidates RioDias and Basileus won in their respective election districts which gave the PLA the most seats in the Parliament. Their candidate for the Novorossiya election district, S_kuzi, could not win the vote of confidence. After the electoral defeat, Chairman Datvi announced that S_kuzi was the Party's official candidate for Prime Thijster.

Despite getting the most seats, the Party of the Legalists of Archnox failed to form a government due to the lack of a majority and formed a governing coalition with Redwolf169. Under this arrangement, the Legalists reformed citizenship, undertook Calendar reform, and ended the Regency of Hemuraile, thus founding another Empire with Hemuraile as Empress.

January 17 2021 Crisis[edit | edit source]

As a party of various minds, the PLA found its members (Mainly Chairman Datvi) advocating contradicting ideas with the biggest differences of opinion regarding Hemuraile and his powers. Chairman Datvi, seeing Hemu's acts as irresponsible and disliking the general character of Hemu, advocated Hemu's replacement while Ideologist S_kuzi remained loyal to the Party's principles and advocated the status quo. It was clear that a crisis was incoming.

On January 17 2021, after the failure of Ugur Sahinler proposed sarcastic legislation to repeal elections and promote Hemu's role as the ultimate decision maker in Archnox, Basileus left the Legalist Party and founded the Gangsta Party. This split resulted in the loss of the Legalists' Afrikaaner plurality and Chairman Datvi's resignation of party leadership in favour of S_kuzi.

January Election and Collapse[edit | edit source]

Despite the crisis and the loss of their governing majority, the Legalist Party limped into the January 2021 Archnox general election with faint hopes of a resurgence. However, in the January election, Legalist vote totals collapsed. While they may have come out the technical victors, the shattered party environment triggered by their collapse meant that the most they could scrounge together was one seat and 20% of the vote. The ensuing hung parliament elected HaGaon HaMachane, a Discord bot for quick access to Jewish religious texts, as the Prime Thijster as the fragile Westminster Democracy spiraled into chaos.

In response to what would soon be termed the February Crisis, the Legalist Party would vote in favor of Protocol 0000 to dissolve the government and establish a regency, thus setting the stage of Ugur's ascension to Shah with the controversial passage of The Government Forming Act.

Party Officials[edit | edit source]

Before the Crisis of January 17 2021, the party de-facto had Datvi as its Chairman and Spokesperson, S_kuzi as its Ideologist and Basileus as its Debater.

While the Party's foundation documents do not state a Chairman, it can be said that Datvi de-facto had Chairman powers as he had decided without consulting others in several occasions such as appointing S_kuzi as the official Prime Thijster candidate and deciding the voting strategy in December 2020 elections.

Elections[edit | edit source]

Election Leaders Votes Seats Position Government
No. % ± No. ±
December 2020 Ugur Sahinler 17 42.5 Increase42.5
2 / 4
Increase2 Increase 1st Westminster Government
January 2021 10 20% Decrease22.5
1 / 4
Decrease1 Steady 1st Westminster Government