Protocol 0000

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Protocol 0000 is an act that was passed by the Archnox House of Afrikaans on 12 February 2021. The act was written by Basileus, a member of the House of Afrikaans, to depose Empress Hemuraile. The act passed with a 3 votes in favor and 1 vote against. Hemuraile approved it immediately upon its passage. Following the passage of the act, the Westminster Government collapsed. Datvi worked quickly to fill the power vacuum and convened a Regency Council consisting of his political allies. However, these plans for a rapid reconstruction of proper government were disrupted due to the Second Goose Army Occupation. The ensuing chaos is known to history as the February Crisis. Protocol 0000 ended Hemuraile's record-breaking 181 day reign as Head of Government of Archnox.

Text of the Act[edit | edit source]

Realizing Hemus incompetence
Accepting that Hemu's last braincells went into jello production
laughing that this is not an act that hemu can reject
Protocol 0000 would initiate the removal of the hemuraile monarchy,along with the curent prime thijister and proclaim a regency council which its members shall be chosen by the thijisters