Raxulan Empire

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Raxulan Empire
Leader Rost Dreadnorramus, Emperor
Foundation 19 March 2019
Ideology Conservatism
Catholic Fundamentalism
Political position Right wing
Allies The Bunicken
Preceded by
Yellow Empire
Flavo Imperium
Imperium Magnum
The Raxulan Empire is a NationStates entity that was founded on March 19 2019 by Rost Dreadnorramus. The entity is the successor state to Rost's previous regions, including the The Yellow Empire, Yellow Empire, Flavo Imperium, and Imperium Magnum. The empire has, over the course of years, taken the form of various NationStates regions, including the Raxus Empire, The Raxus Empire, Raxus, Raxula, and The Raxulan Empire, with all but the latter having ceased to exist and or been captured.

As of January 2023, the Empire held control over more than one hundred regions, and it is the founding member of an alliance known as the Pontic League. It is currently co-ruled by its founder Rost Dreadnorramus, under the name Emperor Rusticus I Damianus, and Empress Emerald I Blossom-Damianus. The Empire is best known in Archnox for its historic alliance with The Bunicken, as the online residence of Crazy Cuban, and its important role as the staging ground for the Battle of Raxulan.