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Regent Marshal is a powerful leadership position that has been bestowed upon various people throughout the history of Archnox. Historically, it functioned a temporary ownership role used only during exceptional situations. There have been five regencies throughout the history of Archnox. The position of Regent Marshal was originally made to serve as a temporary owner in case of Vacatio's absence, but it has, over time, evolved into a much more powerful position, as powerful, at many times, as Vacatio himself.

The term Regent Marshal is derived from the the defunct term Grand Marshal.

Thij's Regency[edit | edit source]

Thij became the first Regent Marshal of Archnox when Vacatio took a weekend hiatus starting November 22nd, 2019. Despite having not held the position of Head of State for over a month, Vacatio trusted Thij to become owner more so than the Head of State, Redwolf169, due to Redwolf's inactivity. The regency oversaw no major events nor any reforms. Today, it is generally regarded as important only because it was the first of it's kind.

The First Basileus Regency[edit | edit source]

The First Basileus Regency began on April 29th, 2020 as Vacatio helplessly slept. The first Basileus Regency was unimportant, however Basileus did achieve a few minor accomplishments while in office, such as inviting the Erasmus bot, securing Adrian as a member of Archnox, and moving the server location to South Africa. Today, however, this regency is almost always overshadowed by the Second Basileus Regency.

The Datvi Regency[edit | edit source]

The Datvi Regency ruled over the course of a week starting on June 12, 2020. The Regency, while a certain failure in terms of creating a lasting Archnox cultural impact, seriously expanded the power of the office. Datvi, unlike previous regents, was able to act on Archnox unrestricted over the course of the week. Using this time to his advantage, Datvi penned a Constitution which gave him ultimate authority (yet he considers it to be "liberal") and tried to create a small cult of supporters, including Goose, who would support the continuation of his regency. However, due to extreme inactivity during the Regency, the self-proclaimed Shah Datvi was stripped of his self-bestowed titles and honors upon the expiration of the Oath of the Hemuraili Scorpion Cum Garden and Vacatio's subsequent return.

The Second Basileus Regency[edit | edit source]

The Second Basileus Regency was the most controversial, most impactful regency in Archnox history. After a highly competitive selection process that was carried out via Dungeon AI, Basileus was designated as Regent Marshal by Vacatio to oversee Archnox over the course of his week-long hiatus. Unlike previous regencies, the Second Basileus Regency carried out extensive reform to Archnox that included the creation of the Presbyter council, the renaming of most channels, a flag redesign, and, most controversially, a ban on the English language. The Basileus Regency would come to a sudden end after four days when Vicslava denounced the Regency as "fucking cursed" and assigned Archivarius Hemuraile to serve out the rest of Basileus' term.

This decision would be met with much criticism among supporters of the Basileus regency, and today, the legacy is the regency is a key political issue in Archnox.

The Hemuraile Regency[edit | edit source]

The Hemuraile Regency is the ongoing regency. This unprecedented Regency has continued for months after Vacatio's return. Archnox, by some measure, has become a Diarchy of sorts. Hemuraile has, during his regency, undertaken a Conservative policy. While he has upheld many Basileus Regency era changes, such as the channel name changes, Hemuraile has disempowered the Presbyters and reversed bans on the English language. The Hemuraile Regency has been unusually stable. Some notable policies by Hemuraile include the establishment of Grey Sweatpants Season, the initiation of espionage operations against --MARKOUT-- and --MARKOUT--, and of the institutionalization of the retard character. However, the period of the Hemuraile Regency might end soon due to the creation of the Westminster Republic.