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The Riocident
Randos flowing into Archnox, 5 June 2021

Randos flowing into Archnox, 5 June 2021

Date June 3–10, 2021 (2021-06-03 – 2021-06-10)
Location Archnox
Cause An invite to Archnox sent over the userphone
Participants RioDias
  • Tighter regulation of what is sent over the userphone
  • No new members of Archnox

The Riocident was an event in Archnox that occurred from 3 June to 10 June. During this period, RioDias, via an invite he sent over the userphone in other-autism, accidentally invited over 70 people to Archnox over the course of a week.

The sudden influx of people revealed a great many security flaws in the Archnox customs system as well as many permissions issues created by Basileus during his eponymous Richstrike. These security issues were quickly fixed by Farer Vacatio early on. While he was advised by people such as Nico to disable invites, Vacatio decided against such an action, seeing the influx of people as funny. However, he did create the join-log to prevent gyhoeddiad from flooding with join messages.

One notable part of the event was when Vacatio banned the user Thimt.#9467 on suspicions that he was one of Basileus' alt accounts. This ban resulted in one of Thimt's friends, Pussyfister700#4952, launching a spam attack on Archnox with the message "Dont fuck with Thimt". However, the attack was completely confined to otherfear, so it did not impact Archnox at large. After coaxing the spamming user into a conversation, Vacatio gained some insight into why so many people were joining and unbanned Thimt. Shortly afterwards, the spamming user left on his own accord. The spamming user was banned a few days later when Vacatio wanted to delete all his messages. The user was unbanned on 24 June for no particular reason.

The Riocident ended on 10 June when Rio's invite to Archnox expired in the influx of new members ceased. The invite remains the most used invite in Archnox history. No new users were gained from the Riocident as all those who joined were either inactive on Discord or uninterested in Archnox. After the Riocident, Vacatio began to enforce a de facto law against sending links directly over userphone to prevent a similar incident.