S Kuzi

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Image of Skuzi in a Romance of the Three Kingdoms voice chat, 2020
Username Skuzi
Citizenship Status Citizen
Join Date June 7, 2019
Joined from Damian's RP
Positions Held Farer
Prime Thijster
Loyalties Tito's American Union State (2018-)
Damian's RP (2018-2019)
Archnox (2019-)
Known Alts need info
Years Active Online 2017-
Known for Inventing a hotkey to mute Basileus
Being Mansi
Playing Weiqi
Honors need info

S_Kuzi is a Russian Archnox user who joined Archnox via a invite from Vacatio. He originally was a moderator (and later on administrator) in both Damian's and Andy's RP servers. He would later fall out with both and the RP community as a whole. He now spends his time writing proposals for eugenics programs to ensure that Han Chinese genes get passed on everywhere.