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A Shire is an electoral division that was created by the Farerrich under the guidance of Farer Basileus in order to elect the Witanmoot. Each Shire consists of certain channels. Under Farer Vacatio, some Shires were granted administrative autonomy under the Minority Recognition Act. Each Shire is granted a allotted a amount of votes for Farer depending on how many messages are sent in the channels in that Shire. Currently, there are 5 shires, each one represented by a Witan.

Current Shires in Archnox
  Archnox Autists' Party   Populist Party   Yamnaya National Movement
Shire Name Witan Channels
Mercia Carl #lounge
Northumbria S_kuzi #sakartvelo (Sunday-Wednesday)
Wessex Terry #hemuspin, #media, #the-real-deal
Kent Canine0003 #other-autism, #answers, #thieged
Essex Redwolf169 #sakartvelo (Thursday-Saturday)