Senate Golden Age

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Senate Golden Age

2020 Chart depicting messages sent in Trenox and Archnox in 2019 with the Golden Age highlighted in yellow

Date June 2019 (2019-06) to November 2019 (2019-11)
Location general, Trenox (later Archnox)
Also known as 2019 Summer Golden Age
Type Golden age
Participants Archnox
  • Success of The Republic
  • Thij's political domination
  • Reformation of Trenox to Archnox

The Senate Golden Age was a golden age in activity in Trenox, later Archnox, triggered by the success of the server following the Longhornian Miracle. The Senate Golden Age saw the political domination of Thij and the pique of the republic. It also saw the transformation of Trenox into Archnox, as well as the adoption of the current flag of Archnox, which is based on an old Archmont flag.

The Senate Golden Age ended in late 2019, and the republic collapsed soon afterwards. It was followed by the 2019 Dark Age, which saw a prolonged period of low activity.