The Archnox Irregular: 12 July 2021

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Law and Order: The Populist Constitution
Made by Vacatio Libertas

Farer of Archnox
Populist Party Leader
The Irregular Editor

The Populist Party is populist because it is a party of law and order. It is a party that fundamentally understands that prosperity can only be achieved if there is a state willing to exercise its right to make and enforce laws. In real life, good states make and enforce laws against hate and against exploitation. They build schools, roads, and hospitals to improve the lives of their citizens. They rely on law and order to attain positive ends. In Archnox, our government functions similarly.

When laws disappear but order remains, what one gets is chaos. What one gets is an unaccountable state with the resources and will to harm its country and its people. This is what occurred when Basileus took advantage of his power to enforce order to burn the thijtag and coup a democratically elected government. He had the power to enforce order, but we hadn't the laws to restrain abuse of that power.

Similarly, when order disappears but law remains, what one gets is, again, chaos. What one gets is a degeneration of state society. Laws can only have worth when someone has the power to enforce them, to create order. Laws can only exist when something substantial believes in them, whether that be a government, an economic ecosystem, or a tribe. Without order, laws become words on paper, worth no more than the ink they were written with.

When I laid out the Populist election manifesto on June 27th, I said that upholding pluralism is a key priority of populism. I agree with this opinion still, and that is why I believe in the passage of a Richesband: to create law and order in Archnox and to codify pluralism in our government. The fight for pluralism is the heart of our fight for a Richesband. Without the reasonable constraints of Richesband, oligarchs have, in the past, seized control of the government of Archnox without a popular mandate. We say that this should be no more. We say that, if this government should be dissolved, it should be by the will of the people who elected it. We say that pluralism can only be upheld through law and through order, and we say that law and order can only be upheld if a Richesband is passed and enforced in Archnox.

Death to the Auto Industry: A Return to Equus caballus
Written by danchickenwing

New Member of Archnox
No Archnox party affiliation
1st time The Irregular contributor
The road system in the United States is and has been one of failure and utter disappointment. A slight rain will flood streets for days, while a pothole that is said to get “fixed soon” by the state will most likely remain for the next generation of drivers to deal with, leading to collisions in the tens of thousands. It seems that leaving a crucial part of American infrastructure in the hands of automotive industry lobbyists has led to quite the mess.

It’s become obvious that the inventions of Karl Benz and Henry Ford have led to the creation of a massive corrupt industry of production, swindle, and slime. Car dealerships have become the public face of this menace. They are nothing but a nuisance to the American people, and they have fought hard for their monopolistic rights to detriment of all Americans.

But what exactly is the solution to this issue? Federal government intervention? The privatization of roads?


Many critique the government, proclaiming that the Romans built stone roads that lasted for centuries while American highways can hardly last a couple decades. Delusional augustans and reactionaries on their high horses proclaim the triumph of the Roman Empire's approach, a state that never dealt with 2,000 pound metal machines at 75 miles per hour. The solution is in the past, but it is in a different past. The solution is to sell your metal horse for a much more modest one and ride it into freedom.

The return to the horse has been inevitable. Take the Mongolians: their prosperous nomadic lifestyle was only possible through the horse. Raping and pillaging villages with the boys on a Saturday night never became a common pass time until the mass adoption of Eurasian steeds.

It seems that America has forgotten the many disadvantages of pollution machines to its animal counterparts. While a horse collision may lead to a broken bone or two, a car collision means praying that your deductible isn't worth more than your Acura MDX.

It seems to have also been forgotten that horses are sex monsters. They have a single-and-ready-to-mingle attitude that removes the need to continuously purchase unreliable cars. The wife wants a new Cadillac? Buy her a horse! Give her the liberty to establish dominance over all the other PTA moms by riding in style, holding a tray of muffins on her new, golden stallion.

How will this lifestyle be afforded? Well, with the collapse of the auto industry and car wastefulness, every American will be wealthy enough for a horse and a saddle. What will happen to the automotive workers? Simple, they can get a new job in the new horse maintenance industry. What will happen to our infrastructure? Its cost will be much lessened and its safety much improved.

In conclusion, there is only natural conclusion for the failed car experiment. Return to what works. Return to Equus caballus.

The True Bad Ending
Made by RioDias

Witan for Northumbria
Populist Party Member
4 time The Irregular contributor
During this week, Archnox celebrated nothing officially, though, Basileus' return was unofficially celebrated in some circles when he did so on the 4th of July.