The Archnox Irregular: 1 August 2021

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An Interview with DH2014
Featuring DH2014

Candidate for Witan for Wessex
Eco-Socialist Party Leader
1st time The Irregular contributor

The following exclusive interview was held on 8 August 2021 in the run-up to the Mercia runoff election. The interviewer is Vacatio, editor of the Archnox Irregular, and the subject is DH2014, the leader of the Eco-Socialist Party of Archnox who has recently returned to activity in the server. The interview primarily regards DH2014 and his political positions in Archnox.

Vacatio: Hello, Mr.2014. It's always lovely to see you, good to hear from you. But it has been a long while since you've been active in Archnox. Why's that?

DH2014: Well Vacatio it's good to see you too. I've heard rumours being thrown about Archnox on the reason behind my recent surge in acitvity, and I can assure you and to all those reading that they are unfounded. It's a mix of andy's server not even getting out of the planning stage and nothing better to do honestly.

Vacatio: You mentioned rumors about your return. What sort of rumors have you heard?

DH2014: You know as well as I do about the recent issue of the eternal Restoration party diaspora being linked to my activity. Either way I'm not here to address rumours Vac.

Vacatio: Your opinion is respectable enough. You mentioned Restoration. What is your opinion on them, their ideas, and their recent departure?

DH2014: While I do believe that they have several good key points, this is not how I would have gone about things. To start things off Vacatio, do you believe those who are able to work yet don't do so should be able to vote? Though I should reiterate that their stand against democracy is condemned by me and my party.

Vacatio: What are you getting at?

DH2014: Nothing much, just a passing thought. Though it is ironic that those who will ultimately be unaffected by an election are allowed to maintain the same voting rights as those who will be.

Vacatio: I think we can both agree that the amount of inactive voting in the last election was completely unprecedented.

DH2014: Yes, and it should be avoided at all costs through legislature in the interest of maintaining a truly democratic process.

Vacatio: Speaking of elections, there is one going on as we speak that you likely hold a vested interest in. What's your campaign all about?

DH2014: Well as my my party's name may reveal we stand for eco-socialist democracy. And I have wishes to implement several of my ideas in Archnox. These being a council to oversee any edits on the official Archnox wiki, mandated messages per month if one wishes to participate in elections and another council made up of representatives from each party to work on a new electoral system. Though this is a more recent agenda of mine, I wish to mend the damages this election has caused and to prevent the splintering we have now through new legislature. Archnox should stay under one server, strong and unified.

Vacatio: I think that's a good note to end on. Thank you for your time.

DH2014: Thank you for this interview Vacatio. Slava Archnox.

Vacatio: Slava Archnox.

entropy acceleration
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Made by Canine0003

Witan for Kent
Archnox Autists' Party Leader
2 time The Irregular contributor

space is often regarded as a cold, black, empty place. while these are true enough at our scale, the quantum level presents are more complicated scenario. everywhere, even in the seemingly empty depths of space, there exist random quantum fluctuations, constantly appearing and disappearing and reappearing. these are often represented as virtual particles: a pair of particle and antiparticle whose creation is immediately followed by their annihilation.

the early centuries of the first millennium were home to many strange christian schools of thought. the most interesting of these beliefs was gnosticism: a broad group of beliefs that emphasized hidden knowledge and held the belief that the physical world, created by the demiurge, the evil old testament god, exists as a corruption of the true spiritual reality, created by the monad, the new testament god. the goal of the gnostics, therefore, was to achieve gnosis, allowing humans to move from the physical to the spiritual.

in *anti-oedipus*, french philosophers gilles deleuze and felix guattari analyze schizophrenia, capitalism, and their relationship to one another, as well as a number of other subjects. in this work, the two proposed their idea of deterritorialization and reterritorialization, a process by which systems are deconstructed and remade.

creation and annihilation; gnosis; deterritorialization and reterritorialization; genetic recombination; thesis, antithesis, and synthesis; oscillation; death and rebirth -- these are equivalent ideas. fundamentally, they state the constancy of change.

the most interesting reformulation of this axiom, i believe, is entropy and information. at its purest form, everything is information. social interactions rely on the exchange of information through language; computers function by using the information encoded in their programming; and even reality itself, according to quantum field theory, exists as the interactions of probabilistic waves defined by mathematics (which is simply information). entropy, commonly defined as a tendency towards disorder, disrupts this information and transforms it into a new state. this happens not because entropy is some force that acts upon information, but because "disordered" information states infinitely outnumber "ordered" information states, resulting in "disordered" information states being infinitely more likely to occur.

with this background information, it is now time to define entropy acceleration. entropy acceleration is an ideology that: 1. recognizes all information states as equal 2. celebrates the constant changing of information 3. seeks to accelerate entropy to increase this change and redistribute value from "ordered" to "disordered" states

reminiscent of futurism's emphasis on speed and violence, entropy acceleration is rooted in change and destruction. this ranges from spam in a small discord server to mass societal upheavals. the ultimate goal is the death of the universe. to achieve these goals, entropy acceleration uses noise as praxis.

noise as praxis is the production of high-density noise via complicated information combination to undermine and undo information norms. more simply, it is to endorse and engage in chaos in all aspects. this includes the creation of wacky arts, such as noise music, nonsense poetry, and abstract expressionist paintings. it can also include various other means, such as writing inane political manifestos for a discord newspaper. sneigndfbisngidnhdngwisntgidfnbdknhioernyindringintiohntiodnhbiontehioneiotyndionbionthoitnsondvoinhim

Highlights from the Poetry Contest
Made by the Community

The following poems were produced by various Archnox users as an answer to a prompt made by Farer Vacatio on 13 July. The prompt was as follows:
Write a poem with a rhyme scheme about a piece of technology.
This section is dedicated to putting the artistic potential of Archnox on full display. This is a collection of all the poems that met the prompt.


By Vacatio Libertas

So bright!
The night?
Not a bore
To snore?
No more!

Try sweeping
Try weeping
Try sneaking

The clock's tick
Makes minds sick
The mouse clicks
Then the bed cricks

The Sun peaks through closed blinds
Sleep less...

Do more.

By Ugur Sahinler

Civilization is running
On steel roads
Bringing glory
Wherever it goes

Wheel of harmony
Moving faithfully
For prosperity
Proudly advances

Metal cells of my land
Going mulishly forward
Must be undeterred
For the enemy never waits

The malicious villain
Traitor to civilization
Afraid of progression
Targeted by steel wagons

By the ambassadors of development
By the faithful warriors of improvement
By the iron signs of achievement

Doomed are our rivals!
24 July - 2 August: This week, Archnox held the monthly Witanmoot elections. The general elections had a turnout of 22, a record in Archnox, and the Populist Party won both seats that were decided. Not long after results were announced, the Restoration Party left the server in protest. Undeterred, runoff elections were called by Farer Vacatio and are currently in progress.