The Archnox Irregular: 25 July 2021

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The Populist Appeal: Democracy in Archnox!
Made by Vacatio Libertas

Farer of Archnox
Populist Party Leader
The Irregular Editor

The Populist appeal is the appeal for a democratic, pluralistic server, and that is the appeal we will be fighting this election on. The Yamnaya movement, now rebranded as the so-called "Restoration" Party, has consistently opposed democracy in Archnox, and it's important that we remember its record as we vote in 3 days time.

Yamnaya-ism was founded during the May 2021 election cycle as a reactionary political force in Archnox. Its policies were simple and discriminatory. It opposed the Witanmoot and opposed giving its members any power. It opposed repealing the so-called Anglish Codes and supported the continued purging of messages sent by those who couldn't speak Anglish (or, more properly, those who lacked the admin perms neccesary to circumvent the Anglish Codes). It opposed the passing of a constitution, and it opposed rule by laws, instead preferring that the Deemer should hold elected government captive and stifled by bureaucracy.

It was in opposition to this establishment that the Populist movement arose. It arose as a coalition of those who opposed rule by the few and supported rule by the many. Its objectives, unlike the Anglish Codes, were simple. Against the Oligarchs! was our motto, and we were the first mass political party in Archnox history. We were the first political party in Archnox history that claimed to fight for the people's right to election rather than the politician's desire to get elected. It was on this platform that we swept the election with a 95% majority in the Farer election.

Today, there is not one Populist that does not dread the prospect of a return to Yamnaya-ism and a return to elitism. We understand how much we have changed Archnox. We understand how much better it has become. Throughout our time in government, we have served to protect and to increase democracy in Archnox. We have built a culture of political parties, political discussion, and of productive debate. We have passed a Constitution that has enshrined this democracy in law, and we have appointed a Deemer with a dedication to upholding that Constitution. And the numbers show that our program has been a success. During first election of the Farerrich, only 5 people ran for election. During this most recent cycle, 13 people have registered to run in our elections: a record unrivaled in Archnox history.

Our first conviction is as it has always been: against the oligarchs. Our first conviction is against elitism, against concentrated power, and against injustice. But our second conviction is one that has been developed by harsh experience: for democracy. Our second conviction is for elections, for political parties, and for fairness. Unlike Restoration, the party that still supports Basi's attempted coup against democracy, we believe that if you oppose our policies, you, as a citizen of Archnox, should have the right to vote us out of office.

That is the principle of Populism! The principle that government should be run on behalf of the many rather than for the entertainment of the few!

With this history and with these declarations, we believe that our party program is easily justifiable. In our next term in office, these are the objectives we will pursue:

  1. Electoral Reform - In recent days, issues regarding the integrity of our elections have been raised by reasonable figures in opposition. We believe that these questions are being raised in good faith, and we too believe that reform may well be needed. Once re-elected, we will work with every represented party to ensure that elections continue to be free, fair, and secure for the sake of posterity. We promise to pass a voting reform bill with multipartisan support and provisions for election security.
  2. Enforcing the Citizenship Act - Under the most recent Populist government, with universal support in the Witanmoot, the first citizenship act was passed in Archnox since 2019. This act is already showing success with one person having been promoted to the 1st class and another having been given 2nd class citizenship. Under our next government, we will continue this trend of new, lawful citizens while also continuing to protect Archnox's unique isolation.
  3. Reorganizing the Outkernels - Our policy of Outkerneling, implemented during our first administration, has proved a massive success. Channels such as other-autism and north-carolina have experienced great success having been delegated to their rightful owners, and we will spare no efforts to protect their autonomy. However, it must be admitted that, by now, the original outkernels are out of date and due for revision. Under our government, we will expand and revitalize the outkerneling system, demoting ineffective administrators and promoting people who properly represent certain channel groups.

With these principles, in mind and in heart, I have no doubt that Populist governance will continue to effectively serve the people of Archnox. We will continue to do what works and continue to build a worthy community. I have no doubts that, alongside our partners and allies in parties willing to work with us, we will make Archnox more democratic, more pluralistic, and more active. Slava the Populist Party! Slava the people of Archnox! Slava Archnox!

Party for the Restoration of Archnox Declaration
Disclaimer: Due to party leader Redwolf169's dedication to "not indulge in this political system any more than I must", he has not written a Manifesto for his party. While this is an acceptable decision, we at The Irregular still feel obligated to inform the voters of the policies of this party in order to uphold fairness in our political discourse. With this in mind, we have decided to publish the party declaration. It should be noted that this declaration is out of date, and that the user Mepe Datvi is no longer a member of the PRA, having been appointed to the position of Deemer.
Made by Redwolf169

North Carolinian militia enjoyer
Restoration Party Leader
1st time The Irregular contributor
Flag of the Party for the Restoration of Archnox
Flag of the Party for the Restoration of Archnox

Party for the Restoration of Archnox (PRA)
Policies: destruction of the witanmoot/farerrich, antipopulism
Party Members: @Redwolf169#4983 @Mepe Datvi#6124 @Thij#7523 @Basileus#5036 @S_Kuzi#7135

archnox autists' party manifesto
Made by Canine0003

Witan for Kent
Archnox Autists' Party Leader
1st time The Irregular contributor

there is a spirit spamming archnox -- the spirit of autism. what is this spooky monster? some think it is goood, others think it is evil, and others still do not think at all. who knows? i know. i'm not going to tell you the policies of the autists, but what i am going to tell you is the policies of the autists:

autism: autism (anglish "selfdom") is based. based on what? based on the self. the autists disregard the other (the allist, the non-autist) and spam as they wish. the autists are fundamentally pro-autonomy. the goal of the archnox autists' party is to make everyone an autist, eliminating social hierarchies and creating an egalitarian spam space.

immigration: according to the autists' dedication to autonomy, the archnox autists' party supports measures to increase the member count of archnox, such as disboard and yggdrasil.

The Archnox Autists' Party campaign logo
The Archnox Autists' Party campaign logo, drawn by Nicolai

minecraft: minecraft :)

capitalization: capitalization demands respect. however, it does not deserve that respect. i do not respect capitalization. capitalization is ugly. it is also ruthlessly inefficient at conveying information: "yes" and "Yes" are semantically identical. it is also ugly.

schizophrenia: autism is a symptom of schizophrenia

transgenderism: another physical corruption is the attempt to attach nonphysical identities to physical bodies. to combat this, the autists support hormone replacement therapy and trans surgeries.

piracy: according to gnostic thought, the physical world is a distraction from and corruption of the spiritual world. today, this corruption refuses to hide itself. modern intellectual property law allows physical entities to dominate and corrupt nonphysical ideas under the guise of "property." this is dumb. to defeat the copyright demiurge, the autists advocate for piracy.

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The Archnox Kastellorizo Party Manifesto
Made by Z33vox

Archnox politician
Kastellorizo Party Leader
1st time The Irregular contributor
"Kastellorizo’s continued existence will always be in calamity until the Party rules Archnox and Peter King rises from his grave."
— Z33vox, Kastellorizo Party Leader

Party’s Values

In many ways, the party has different values from both major parties currently competing in the political state. The AKP is strictly democratic and will do everything in its power to preserve the continuation of power and stability in the Archnox electoral system. The AKP will try to pass acts to solidify this democracy, like the Secret Ballot Act, by which the Farer will lose his privilege of having the task to count the votes, as he might influence the decision of the elections. After all, any dictatorial leader or Emperor that consolidates the Archnox government is taking the rightful place of Peter King when he ascends.

The party is anti-Minority Recognition Act, the party is pro-Channel Reorganization but not in a radical rate and it is far from one of the party's primary policies, thus making it easily compromisable in exchange for a limitation in the practice of outkerneling. We believe the Chicanos were given the privileges they have and hold the positions they hold because of the bias of the Populist Party and the certain level of control they have over them.

The Party advocates for the creation of the position of Archbishop of Africa and the transition of Archnox’s official religion to Greco-African Orthodoxy, like our great leader Peter King. This Archbishop will be a position appointed by the Thijtag and will act as a Vice-President for the leader of Archnox.

The Party considers itself anti-establishment, promising to cooperate with Populist and Restorationist politicians for the sake of the collective and the functionality of democracy while still being against them ideologically. Even though getting a seat will slow down the destruction of Kastellorizo, our home, our dear motherland, she shall never be safe until we lead Archnox and begin preparing it for the restoration of Peter King.

To support the growth of the server, we must also organize partnerships, recruitment campaigns and begin using Disboard in order to bring more members into the community.

The party generally follows the 10 Commandments of the AKP
Logo of the Archnox Kastellorizo Party
Logo of the Archnox Kastellorizo Party
  1. We need to save Kastellorizo
  2. Kastellorizo will inevitably die if the AKP doesn't get a seat in the Thijtag
  3. Once the AKP is elected, Peter King, who is currently a plant, will be watered so he can ascend to protect Kastellorizo
  4. In a perfect world, Chicanos would not exist
  5. We must establish the Greek Orthodox Archbishopric of Africa and make the official religion of Archnox Greek Orthodoxy
  6. Autists and Chicanos hold too much power in the Thijtag, the Minority Recognition Act needs to be repealed
  7. Kastellorizo will never be safe until the eternal Chicano is cleansed
  8. A channel reorganization is generally a good thing, right now it's way too crowded
  9. The Populist Party was, is and will always be controlled by Lesbos and the Eternal Chicano
  10. All rice must be banned from Kastellorizo