The Archnox Irregular: 7 June 2021

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"Completely unhindered": A Populist Perspective on Basi's Richstrike
Written by Terry

Witan for Wessex
Populist Party Member
1st time The Irregular Contributor
Though Deemer Basileus's failed attempt at overthrowing Archnox's democratically elected government was destructive and disruptive, it has presented us-- the people of Archnox-- with the opportunity to enact the changes that we, not Basi, deem fit.

Following May's election, the Witanmoot's proposals to reform the Anglish Codes and Deemership were met with firm opposition from Basileus. Even with the Populist hold of the Farerrich, three seats on the Witanmoot, and the support of the Autists' Party, Basileus still resisted popular reforms with arbitrary vetos.

In the heat of the Witanmoot's arguing, Farer Vacatio threatened to unseat the Deemer. It seemed that the Populists, Autists, and Chicanos would need to take drastic actions if we were to enact our agenda.

However, before any revolutionary ideations became serious conspiracies, the Deemer took drastic action himself. On May 31, the Thijtag went up in flames by Basileus' hand. He destroyed the Witanmoot's chambers, the election archives, and other locales of Archnox. Farer Vacatio took emergency action to prevent further destruction and banished Basileus from Archnox. The citizenry quickly began rebuilding the Thijtag and saving the archives that remained.

It is naive to think Basileus truly imagined he would be able to subject Archnox through rampage. More likely, he believed the populace would soon remove him and decided to go down with Archnox in flames. This spirt would reflect how the Yamnaya do not care for the people, but rather for the whims and pleasures of corrupt oligarchs.

Basileus brought about his own destruction and the end of Anglish Yamnaya supremacy. His sympathizers only hold one of five seats in the Witanmoot, and despite their best attempts at retarding the legislative process, the Witanmoot has successfuly passed acts to revive the Archnox Irregular, de-Anglishize the poetry contest, and bring about real devolution. The Witanmoot now has great potential to enact left wing reforms, completely unhindered by a restrictive Deemership. We now have the potential to usher in a new era of prosperity, a prosperity shared among the many rather than between the few.

Enjoy Your Long Weekend
Written by Vacatio

Farer of Archnox
Populist Party Leader
The Irregular Editor

On the last Friday before Memorial Day, Vice President Kamala Harris wished her twitter followers a nice, long weekend on account of Memorial Day, the federal holiday that was coming up on Monday. A seemingly innocent tweet on the surface, apparently, in the eyes of some Conservative commentators, it laid bare the degeneracy of liberal multiculturalism and Mrs.Vice President's blatant disregard for the soldiers of this country.

I like to believe that most people know the truth of the matter, but experience has time and again shown me that critical thinking is not the specialty of people who don't know better than to disagree with me. The backlash to Harris' tweet was not a popular opposition and a display of patriotism against a liberal elite. It was a Conservative media circus orchestrated by Rupert Murdoch, his cronies, and his allies. To the vast majority of working class people and families, Memorial Day is a long weekend that happens to be decorated by some American flags.

This is the physical experience of Memorial Day, the one that most Americans are familiar with by nature of being American. Indulging in the emotional and spiritual experience of Memorial Day, as a day of grief for the fallen soldiers, is a hobby partaken in by the patriotic and the mourning.

If one wishes to celebrate and mourn the lives of those unfortunate sons who died overseas fighting some rich man's war, then I take no issue with it. If one wishes to make a political pissing match out of a tweet at the behest of some Australian billionaire, then I recommend they take a hard look at who built the White House, the Empire State Building, and the Erie Canal, and then tell me whose views are worth their salt: a foreign media mogul or the millions of American essential workers who, on 31 May 2021, finally got a day off.

Made by RioDias

Graphic Artist
Blue Collar Worker
1st time The Irregular Contributor

4 June: On this date, Archnox celebrated the glories and achievements of the People's Republic of China. The festivities were limited, but the celebration was ultimately successful. Vacatio made an announcement lauding the achievements of the People's Republic, much to the annoyance of a certain Outlander. The fact that one Outlander was vocally annoyed demonstrates that the celebrations were a success.
6 June: On this date, Archnox celebrated the birthday of Carl the Person, the Witan for Mercia, with an announcement. In celebration, Vacatio also updated the article on the Archnox Wiki.