The Government Forming Act

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The Government Forming Act is an act that was passed by the Archnox Regency Council on 3 March 2021. The act was written by Regent S_kuzi, a member of the Archnox Regency Council with the intent of resolving the February Crisis. Upon its proposal, Vacatio proclaimed that the act would be implemented if it obtained sufficient support within a 24 hour period. While the act initially faced objections from Canine0003 and suspicion from Basileus, Vacatio eventually succumbed and transferred executive powers to the proposed government after Redwolf169 voted in favor of it. The act passed the Regency Council with 3 ayes, 0 nays, and 2 abstentions. The act marked the start of the Shahdom and Datvi's tenure as Head of Government.

Text of the Act[edit | edit source]


Recognizing: if passed this will be the final act of the regency council
The plebs outside of it can not vote on it

The government forming act would seek to finally form the government under the following lines:
Shahshah - Datvi
Vuzurgans - basi, carl, s_kuzi, red
Kurultai and Ayguci - To be decided after the elections
Clans - anyone can run for any clan as they please. Total clan count will be 3 with names to be decided.
Election dates - to be decided by the vuzurgans