The Republic

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The republic was the second government of Trenox from May 26th, 2019 to early June of 2019, at which point the government became the government of the newly renamed Archnox, a fact which would remain until February 13th, 2020 when Vacatio forcibly dissolved the Senate following the narrow failure of the January 2020 Archnox referendum.

The Republic was structured around the Senate, a three to four member body of citizens that acted simultaneously as Moderators and Legislators. The legal Head of Government of Archnox had administrative roles as well as an override for tied votes. Thij was the dominant political figure of the republic, serving as the head of government for three non-consecutive terms, making him the longest serving Head of Government in the history of Archnox. Unofficially, the Vacatio, the owner of the Discord server, also played a prominent role in server politics.

The Republic was the longest lasting government of the server, and it oversaw the Senate Golden Age.

Elections[edit | edit source]

The following elections were held during the existence of the Republic:

Election Winner and party Popular vote Runner-up and party
Votes % % Margin
May 2019 Thij Independent >7 >70% 100.00% >7 ,No candidate
August 2019 Thij Archmont Unity Party >8 >80% 100.00% >8 ,No candidate
October 2019 Redwolf169 Independent 6 54.5% 9% 1 Basileus Ind.
December 2019 Thij Archmont Unity Party 6 85.7% 100.00% 6 ,No candidate