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Flag of Trenox under the Triumvirate

The Triumvirate was the government of Trenox that reigned from the founding of Trenox on January 20th, 2019 to the peaceful establishment of the Republic on May 26th, 2019. The government was originally arranged as a provisional government of the server until the server grew to a sufficient size to justify elections. The Triumvirate consisted of three members(Redwolf169, Thij, and Vacatio Libertas), all of which held nominally equal power with the role of Moderator. The government oversaw a period largely characterized by inactivity due to the small size of the server. The government's notable achievements include the foundation of Trenox, overseeing the Longhornian Spike, and peaceful relinquishment of power to the Republic.

The Early Triumvirate[edit | edit source]

The Triumvirate was originally founded as a provisional government of Archnox on January 20th, 2019 in order to create and manage the server until it reached a large enough size to justify elections. The Triumvirate was set-up by Vacatio Libertas and consisted of Veterans of the Communist Potatoes due to their long shared history of anti-Xenox insurgency and previous high positions in Second Xenox.

The primary task of the early Triumvirate was a growth in the member count of the server. This objective was accomplished cautiously. The fear was that if expansion occurred too quickly and too many unknowns were invited, the server's posting quality would quickly decline, but if no new members were invited, the server would die due to it's small size. Thus, a policy of slow expansion was adapted. Each potential member needed to be approved by the Moderator Council before being invited. This resulted in the majority of the population being from Xenox, greatly decreasing activity in that server.

The Longhornian Spike[edit | edit source]

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The Longhornian Spike was a massive increase in activity that occurred under the Triumvirate as a result of Thij inviting Longhornia to the server. During the early days of April 2019, over the course of approximately a week, activity in the server was heightened due to constant activity produced by and caused by Longhornia. The Longhornian Spike marked a turning point in the history of Trenox because it proved that Trenox had the capability to be an active server, thus presenting a strong counterargument to fears that Trenox would be a repeat of Second Xenox. The high activity also drew attention to the server from previously less active members.

The End of the Triumvirate[edit | edit source]

After an increase in member count to an amount considered sufficient by Vacatio, he held a referendum to determine the popularity of introducing elections. On May 24th, a referendum was held wherein 2/3s of the server voted in favor of holding elections. On May 26th, the first state elections were held, thus ending the Triumvirate and marking the start of the Republic.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Among the achievements of the Triumvirate government were the implementation of the long-standing Law of Return, the establishment of the first Citizenship requirements(as well as the creation of the only Citizenship application ever made by a Government of Trenox or Archnox), the founding of the first Question of the Day, and the preservation of Trenox through it's early months.