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Raemax Thij
Thij dressed in a traditional Sicillian Bisht cloak, 2019, Palermo
Username Thij
Citizenship Status Citizen
Join Date January 20, 2019
Joined from Xenox
Leave Date June 10, 2020
Positions Held Moderator
Head of State of the Republic
Loyalties Bunicken(DATE-DATE)
Spider's RP (DATE-DATE)
Archnox (2019-2020)
Years Active Online 2016-
Known for Being a Minister in the Bunicken, Membership in the Communist Potatoes, Being a Statesman in Archnox, Thij [2]
Honors Sand Expert

Raemax "A-rod" Thij, often simply referred to as Thij, was a Bunicken and later Archno statesman and Nationstates player. Thij is a key figure in the history of Archnox having been an active member of Xenox, a member of the Communist Potatoes, a key figure in Second Xenox, and the longest serving Head of State of Archnox.

Thij is generally considered to be a controversial figure in the history of Archnox due to his perceived egotism and collaboration with Dolokhia during the Dolokhian Conflict. He crazy now.

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Star Wars Posting[edit | edit source]

The Sicilian Mujaheddin[edit | edit source]

The Sicilian Mujaheddin was a joke inveted by Basileus to mock Thij's anger when being labeled as an Arab

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