Thij (word)

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Thij is a word often used in various parts of speech by certain Archnox users like Hemuraile. Thij usually describes various different characteristics or actions evocative of former Archnox user Thij, but can also refer to completely unrelated things or be used as a meaningless filler word.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The word is derived from user Thij, known by this name since at least April 29th, 2016, the founding of his NationStates account 'Thij empire.' The name's ultimate etymological origin is uncertain, but likely has Italo-Berber roots.

Thij has also served as an etymological root for other words, such as the Thijet, Thijtag, and thiege.

Grammar[edit | edit source]

The word thij has an extremely flexible role in Archnox lingo, including but not limited to as a noun, adjective, transitive and intransitive verb, adverb, interjection, filler word, satiric misspelling, as well as direct reference to the user Thij himself. In certain contexts, thij can instead be used as thijan, referring to the official demonym of the Thij Empires.

Semantically, thij refers to any concept or idea evocative of Thij, including his doomerism, Sicily, and the Star Wars series. However, it has been used to refer to ideas theoretically unrelated to Thij, such as pedophilia in the book Brave New World, usually for the humorous effect of relating those ideas to Thij's character.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • "thijan portrait" (Hemuraile) – (adjective)
  • "NS jannies bout to get thijed" (Basileus) – (transitive verb, passive voice)
  • "and what does ugur do [about the riots in Oman, Hemuraile]? He thijes" (Basileus) – (intransitive verb)
  • "I did not make thij
    this*" (Hemuraile) – (satiric misspelling)