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Username Tito
Citizenship Status Citizen
Join Date February 29, 2020[dubious]
Positions Held Owner of the American Union State
Loyalties Mengelistan (2018 - 2019)
American Union State (2018-)
Known Alts None
Years Active Online 2017-
Known for Pissing off RP jannies
Dating Fuseikun
Destroying Mengelistan
being from Limburg

Titoph often shortened to Tito is a Bosnian Serb living in the Netherlands, known for leading the American Union State and Titoite Clique as well as being close friends with Basileus and S_kuzi. He joined Archnox multiple times, most of the time being invited by either Basi or Skuzi. Tito created the American Union State in response to the constant muting and censorship done by Jason in the United States of North America server. He has been banned and kicked out of both Damian's and Andy's rps for pissing off the staff and spamming loli hentai.